Here’s What It Takes to Build a Successful Startup

Lives transform when someone envisions creating a difference that positively impacts a massive population.

Two such passionate people have a vision of transforming the lives of a larger population around the globe.

Aneesh Rayancha and Venus Dhuria are on a collective mission of building daily life solutions. The duo’s passion for creating apps to make lives easy and fast led to the birth of the global tech company- AppyHigh. Equipped with technical knowledge and a go-getter attitude, the two lads from engineering backgrounds decoded the digital hierarchy of needs and created apps that people cannot do without on their phones. 

ScannerGo, for example, is one of AppyHigh’s popular assets. Despite the enormous competition in the app market, ScannerGo emerged as a winner as it offers high-end features for FREE! As the name suggests, it makes document scanning easy. Additionally, users can convert the document to several formats, including PDF, Word, Jpeg, etc. The app also offers a 100% guarantee of safeguarding your documents on the app. Hence, the 25 million downloads!!  

Hardly a couple of years into this “appy” biz, there are already 20+ products in the market, each catering to different categories and needs. And if you think 25 million downloads is staggering, what would you say about AppyHigh’s another popular app, Instore, that recently hit the 50+ million downloads mark? InStore is like a Bible for content creators struggling to understand the best hashtags to use, generate click-worthy captions for the posts, and download content from Instagram to share on other social media and messenger apps. With Instore,  AppyHigh is encouraging creators to create more fresh content faster.

A vision that has commenced into what we call no less than a “transformational journey in the digital world,” the two men in action with a powerful team are striving to provide better and user-friendly apps to users around the globe. For AppyHigh, there’s no other path to take, no other way to go. There’s just one direction moving forward- Forward and further!