Having Issues In The Bedroom? Here’s How To Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Partner

Relationships are fragile. You have to handle every issue with the utmost care and address any issues with maturity and sensitivity, especially the issues in the bedroom. While sex is not the foundation of a love relationship, it sure is very important for a healthy important. Poor sex life can lead to dissatisfaction and in some cases the end of the relationship. This is why it is very important to discuss intimacy issues with your partner?

Talking about intimacy with your partner can be a difficult subject because you are concerned you might end up hurting their feelings. Sweeping it under the rug won’t help either as it is only going to increase the distance between you two. It is better you address the elephant in the room if your sex life has gotten bland lately.

How do you talk about intimacy with your partner?

Remind yourself that you love each other unless your relationship has become abusive or lacks respect. If you both are mature adults, discussing intimacy issues with your partner should not be that difficult. Communication is the key. Be polite and respectful when talking to each other

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Don’t argue. There is no point in blaming each other for the lack of sexual activity in your bedroom. Instead, try to understand the reasons why your partner has been acting aloof lately. Is it the work pressure, an issue in the family, or something else? Make them sit and talk it out. Fighting is only going to make it worse. After all, you both are on the same team.

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Try new things. Maybe lack of spice in your sex life has caused an aversion to sex in both of you. In this case, try something new in the bedroom. This is the time to make your sexual fantasies true. Make things rough if you have been going gentle all this time. Bring in those handcuffs or the blindfold. Talk to your partner first before you both partake such sexual endeavors.

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If you are worried your significant other will take an offense, sugarcoat things. Talking about intimacy with your partner does not have to be a stiff affair. Bring out the seductress/seductor in you and talk dirty with your partner. Paint a sexy picture of the things you want to do to them or want them to do to you. This will definitely reignite the romance in your lives. Say things like ‘I want you to kiss me for a really long time’. Guide them to do things in bed. Give them directions. This will help them to know what you want and you to reach climax (if that’s what you’ve been struggling with).

See? Talking about intimacy with your partner does not have to be so difficult. A healthy relationship is one where there is a clear channel of communication and you both look after each other’s need.


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