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7 Less Obvious Habits Which Are Damaging Your Hair & Causing Hair To Fall

Hair loss is far too common a phenomenon and most of us struggle with it at some point in our lives. There could be many reasons why your hair is thinning and falling, and those reasons could either be genetic or be affected by poor nutrition or triggered by anxiety and stress.

But for some people, even when everything seems to be right – they still struggle with hairfall and they can’t figure out why. Here are seven lesser-known reasons why your hair might be falling:

#1. You sleep with wet hair

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Sleeping with wet hair could damage your hair and create split ends, because your hair is quite weak when it’s wet. If wet hair rubs against your bed or pillow, it has a high risk of getting frizzy, dry, and fragile.

So avoid taking showers before going to bed, or make sure that you dry your hair before heading to the bedroom.

#2. You leave your hair up

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If you sleep with your hair tied up in a topknot or a bun or ponytail, it can cause breakage in the hair as it rubs against the fabric on your bed.

Hairstylists suggest that you should either leave your hair open, or sleep with braided hair which will give you beautiful wavy curls the next morning.

#3. You use a hair tie

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It’s advised by the celebrity hairstylists that you should avoid using tight elastic hair ties for your hair. Elastic makes a crease in the hair and this may create a damage in the long run. A scrunchie can work relatively better, but a hair pin is the best idea for your hair.

#4. You don’t brush your hairĀ 

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Brushing or combing your hair is the best thing that you can do for their health. There are natural oils produced by your scalp and if you brush your hair then these oils get evenly distributed through the hair. This also stimulates the scalp and promotes growth.

#5. You sleep on cotton sheets

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Cotton sheets are usually rough on the hair and may often cause damage and breakage. Instead, replace your cotton sheets with silk sheets or at least use a silk pillowcase which reduces the friction against your hair. This will also mean more comfortable sleep for you and elss breakage of hair.

#6. You don’t oil your hair often

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Perhaps the best time to oil your hair is in the night, right before you go to sleep. The oil conditions your hair, and fills in the cuticle, and moisturizes your scalp. In the morning, you can just wash it off with shampoo and conditioner to get smooth and silky hair throughout the day.

#7. You use hairspray

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Hairspray is just not a good idea. Hairspray actually dries up the hair if left on for too long. If you do use hairspray for some reason then make sure to break it down with a leave-in conditioner and then brush your hair.


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