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7 Smart Uses Of Google Maps Other Than Navigation You Didn’t Know About

Ever since Google Maps was invented, navigation became easier, especially for men who would not ask for directions because it hurt their big, inflated egos. However, there are more ways you can use Google Maps other than navigation. Many of you didn’t even know these features existed, but they do. Get ready to make your life much easier with these handy Google Maps tricks to give some sense of direction to your life. Lol!

1. Street View

google street view

In case you didn’t know already, you can explore any neighborhood in the world right from your phone or desktop. Street View is a feature in Google Maps where it shows you all the photos of a street or neighborhood taken over the years. The clock-shaped icon on the top-left corner does the trick.

2. Ascent of trail

biking uphill
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Love biking? You can actually check how steep your bike ride is before you hit the trail. Google Maps provide a graph where you can check the steepness of each part of the trip. This cool feature will help all the avid bikers plan their biking route.

3. Check restaurant’s timings 

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You can avoid waiting for a table at all your favorite restaurants if you just check the timings and peak hours. Yes, Google Maps actually gives you information about the peak hours of a particular restaurant. So, next time you have a date to plan, first check the timings with Google before you do it with your date. The feature goes by the name of Popular Times in the app.

4. Find your parking spot

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Finding your parking spot is more difficult than any treasure hunt because you have got no clue. This is something Google Maps can help you with. The next time you park your car, open your phone, fire up Google Maps, tap on the blue dot that shows your location. A menu will pop up from which you select ‘set as parking location’. Once you are back from shopping, you can easily find your car with the saved marker.

5. Add multiple destinations

google maps

Yes, sweetheart! You can add multiple locations at a time on Google Maps to check how much time and distance you have to travel. Whether you are planning an itinerary or have multiple stops, you could do that easily on Google Maps. Just click on the + sign in front of the tabs where you add a destination.

6. No internet, no problem

google map

If your internet is erratic or you are heading to someplace where there is no internet connection, then don’t worry. You can save maps offline ahead of your trip and use them later even if there is no internet service. Go the setting menu on Google Maps in your phone or tablet and select the option of “Offline Maps” to save it. However, it is restricted to a few places.

7. Save the maps

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You can actually make a list of all your favorite places in one spot like restaurants, cafes, or bookstore and even share the list with your friends. These maps are accessible even when you are offline. 

Fun fact: if you search Area 51 on Google Maps and drive the icon of a man onto the map, the icon will change into a flying saucer. How cool is that?

You know you cannot resist trying it. Bet you have already opened Google Maps on another tab to verify it.


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