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From Workaholics to Couch Potatoes; Here Are 5 Ways To Re-Organize Your Kitchen To Its Complete Functionality!

If you have spent hours locating the upper lid of a tupperware in the kitchen, or ended up buying double the pantry staples because you could not find them, or simply have been unable to sort out the clutter; it is probably time to invest time & attention to your kitchen.
And unlike a thought most of us hold, you do not need a bigger kitchen space to make it functional to its best capacity. You also don’t need a major overhaul to banish clutter and become organized – here are just a few handy tips and tricks to get you started with:-


To start with, it is always important to re-analyse and toss the things that no longer serve us, followed by a deep cleaning of all the shelves and drawers. This is the right time to donate or get rid of those broken utensils, mason jars or old mugs. The lesser, the better. Take a Sunday to thrive out of your couch for a thorough cleaning of your kitchen.

Mason Jar Your Zones
Mason jars or glass jars are a beautiful addition to our kitchens. Right from making the ingredients visible to us during time-crunch mornings before rushing to work, to reducing the cleaning workload. It is just the apt compartmentalisation one needs for their kitchens. These jars and boxes can fit like a glove into your open shelves or closed cupboards without creating a visual clutter. Besides how beautiful would fruit loops, lentils or loose toothpicks look in these? Don’t forget to put name tags in your best handwriting.

Position Wisely
Big utensils can always make for kitchen decoratives if placed over the highest shelves, also for their rare functionality. Keep pulling down with crockery, followed by hanging mugs and wooden spoons for a look that is as cute as it is effective. Not to mention, hanging pots and pans can always help you with freeing up some cupboard space.

Use Drawer Dividers
Everybody has junky secrets or kitchen items that are labeless, we are guilty too! Setting up drawer dividers with DIY cardboards or even a little help from the carpenter, can help us even organize the unorganizable. Try to not hang on to the junk, however this is the perfect ice-breaker for those miscellaneous or extra items we require in the kitchen.

Do Add-On A Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan is a rotatable tray and a perfect addition to the kitchen for supplies that are uncompromisable. Use a Lazy Susan to organize your under the shelf bin and cleaning supplies or even to hold your oils above the cabinet. Simple things can reduce your corner clutters while benefiting an ease.