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Examples of teachers who nailed it with their students!

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Teaching is probably one of the most noble professions in the world. Even though a stressful job, as some teachers would describe it, they also find immense pleasure out of being a part of the upcoming generation’s future. When it comes to taking care of these newer generations, teachers have to keep upgrading their approach to keep students on their toes. A few such teachers have nailed their approach with students. These are some golden thoughts and moments that teachers and students have shared that speak of these very diverse approaches. You will thoroughly enjoy these scenarios beyond you ever imagined, with teachers not just standing up for what is right, for their principles, for their students, but also responding to student pranks with pranks!

1. My high school Science teacher paused a class to tell a student off for picking on another student. Called it out as soon as it happened, in front of everyone, and that guy never went near that other kid again. Will always remember that.
Mariospario / Reddit

2. He was a substitute, but he literally said, “Do whatever you want on the computers, but if a teacher walks in act like you’re walking.”

15 Teachers Who Are As Hard to Find As a Gold Nugget
Courtesy: Reddit

3. A professor said she wasn’t going to have a textbook for the class. She didn’t respect the textbook representatives trying to take the pharma approach to force kids to buy a $170 access code. Instant respect. You just had to show up to the lectures, and she’d teach you what you needed to know.
enchiladacheese / Reddit

4. A math teacher went to the hospital several times to visit a student who had been seriously injured. The teacher offered companionship, free tutoring, and genuine encouragement.

15 Teachers Who Are As Hard to Find As a Gold Nugget
Courtesy: Reddit

5. My college English teacher wrote us a song and played it for us on the last day of class, basically telling us how much he appreciated our time together, and he can’t wait for us to grow to our fullest potential. It was an extremely difficult class, only 12 of us remained, and we started with about 40.
ThrowAwayAcc92929 / Reddit

6. We had to buy red punch cards to get lunch at school. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much money, so sometimes my punch card would run out, and I wouldn’t be able to eat until we got enough money to get another one. A teacher noticed I wasn’t eating every day, and she’d bring a sandwich and offer it to me whenever she saw that.
sk8erguysk8er / Reddit

7. My class decided to play a prank on our English teacher, by all laughing when he faced the board, and then stopping every time he turned around to face us. After a while, he left the classroom without a word. We all sat there, confused, until a few minutes later the assistant principal comes in and explains that we upset our teacher; he made us believe we’d seriously messed up. Then our teacher walked in and went, “gotcha!”.
*******93 / Reddit

8. I like it when I get a test with no name on it. I automatically give it an A and watch students fight over whose it is. It’s my version of hunger games.

15 Teachers Who Are As Hard to Find As a Gold Nugget
Courtesy: Reddit