Dwayne Johnson Warns Not To Take COVID-19 Lightly After He, His Wife & Daughters Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Dwayne Johnson family

No, young people are not immune to Coronavirus. Young people are not invulnerable and will fall sick. Coronavirus also affects the healthy and the strong people, not just old and weak like the right-wing capitalist propaganda will have you believe.

A few days ago, the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt was tested positive.

Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has revealed that he and his entire family had Coronavirus and they suffered.

He says it was challenging even for him and his family

In an Instagram video posted on his account, he said that he, his wife, and his two daughters were infected by Coronavirus. His daughters are 2 and 4 years old, and they showed mild symptoms. He and his wife had a different scenario.

He says that it was incredibly difficult and challenging for them as a family, and even he was taken down by the virus despite being one of the healthiest and strongest people in the world.

“I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family. And for me personally, too, as well, and I’ve gone through some doozies in the past.”

They have recovered now

Dwayne Johnson with wife and daughters
Image Credit: People

They were diagnosed about three weeks ago, and now they have recovered from it.

“But I am happy to tell you guys that we as a family are good. We are on the other end of it. We are on the other side. We are no longer contagious. And we are — thank god — we are healthy.”

He says they might have gotten it from close family friends, and that’s why he is encouraging people to be careful while interacting with friends and family and visitors.

He advised people to wear a mask, and get tested before and after a social event or meetup.

“Do not take this lightly.”

Dwayne Johnson
Image Credit: CNN

On his Instagram, he wrote:

My message to all of you around the ?

  • Stay disciplined.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Commit to wellness.
  • Wear your mask.
  • Protect your family.
  • Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings.
  • Stay positive.
  • And care for your fellow human beings.

He also added:

“I’ve gotten knocked about and gotten my a– kicked a little bit in the past with some challenges, but testing positive for Covid-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries or being evicted or even being broke, which I have been more than a few times. The reason why I feel this is different is because my number one priority is to always protect my family and protect my children, my loved ones.”



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