Donald Trump Got Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize, Has As Much Chance To Win As Bill Gates

During his 4-year term, Donald Trump has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Once in 2018, and now again in 2020.

He didn’t win last time but this time he has a very high chance of winning, about as much as Bill Gates – who is also nominated this year.

A fascist from Norway has nominated Trump

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A fascist right-wing lawmaker from Norway has nominated Donald Trump for the award. And even though, Trump didn’t stand a chance for nomination or winning considering his racist politics and his blatant support for the Police brutality against the Black people in America. But now, his chances are looking good after getting nominated by this Norwegian far-right lawmaker.

This fascist right-winger politician from Norway is named Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who is also responsible for proposing some extremely racist and anti-immigration policies in Norway.

He is the same lawmaker who had nominated Donald Trump in 2018 as well.

So Donald Trump really didn’t start any new wars?

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He said that he is nominating Trump for the deal he helped between Israel and UAE. While Trump has been lauded by his supporters for “not starting any new wars” – America is still bombing other countries and the ongoing wars haven’t stopped.

And not to forget when Donald Trump threatened North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with his “bigger red button” and almost started World War 3 by attacking Iran unprovoked.

He was even ready to shoot down American citizens for protesting against fascism and systemic racism.

Donald Trump is going to win the reelection, he might as well win the Nobel

If 2020 was a presidential election
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Many experts who analyze the Nobel award, have said that since Donald Trump is also highly likely to win the US Presidential election in November, his chances of winning the Nobel have also improved.

Let’s remember that the only reason Donald Trump is winning because the establishment Democrats sabotaged Bernie Sanders, and chose to run Joe Biden who is nothing more than the lite version of Trump in terms of being racist, misogynist, predatory, and a capitalist-owned figurehead.

These are the serious contenders for the award

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Currently, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is at the forefront of the race. She is being considered for her intelligent and considerate response to the Coronavirus outbreak, which made New Zealand the third country to control the pandemic – after Vietnam and Cuba.

Only serious contenders in the list are the World Health Organization and Greta Thunberg.

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 will be announced on October 9.



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