VIRAL VIDEO: Dog Brings Groceries To A Quarantined Old Woman At Risk Of COVID-19

Perhaps we are facing the most difficult time of the 21st century (yet). We were expecting climate change or world war to knock us out, but it was a completely unexpected foe that took us down. 

While Coronavirus has forced most of the world into lockdown, grim stories coming from everywhere – there is also some hope and some light. 

In Colorado, a dog has become a source of smiles and joy for people affected by quarantine. 

Sunny is delivering to an old woman who is keeping herself isolated after the Coronavirus outbreak

An old woman named Renee Hellman has been self-isolating after the Coronavirus outbreak – and she can’t risk going out since she has COPD and many other medical conditions which make her prone to severe infection from the virus. 

So, a golden retriever named Sunny has come forward to help her. 

Since dogs cannot transmit the virus to humans, the dog’s owner Karen decided she’d send over the dog to help Renee out in this difficult time of need. 

He has been bringing her groceries, and keeping her company. 

Here’s the adorable video of the most adorable golden retriever

Karen, whose dog is Sunny, she explained: 

She got the list, she gave it to Sunny, Sunny brought it to me. I went to the store, got her her groceries, and he delivered them all to her.

Renee is at a great risk of catching Coronavirus and she should have no human contact

Renee has a multitude of health issues and she even needs oxygen masks to help her breathe. After the lockdown, she has been staying indoors and Sunny brought a bit of sunshine into her life. 

Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice and it makes you feel good. It’s a way of communicating.

What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing. So he started doing the schlepping, back and forth. It’s been fun, It’s been a real treat.

Dog’s owner Karen trained him to do all this for her sick neighbour

“Karen’s a great neighbor, she watches out for me,” Renee said.

Karen has been training Sunny to fetch groceries and he does it every night with utmost excitement and eagerness. He is just ready to help and he loves doing it. 

“He’s a hero for sure. He just did it, it was, all of a sudden, and he was here, and that’s my job, and I’m gonna do it – so it was wonderful,” Renee said.

Sunny makes Renee’s day, every day

Renee’s reaction to the dog’s amazing act of helpfulness is always so priceless. As Karen describes: 

She could not believe it, she always runs to the window to see that ‘oh my God I can’t believe he did it again, and again, and again. 

Perhaps Sunny is the goodest boi?

Karen is so proud of Sunny and gives him treats every time he does something nice. Apart from getting groceries, he gets mail and even picks up the trash

He does get his treats, he’s motivated by those for sure. But he’s really special to me, and I’d be lost without him because he helps me so much, so I wanted him to help other people. That’s exactly what he did. Pretty proud. 

Sunny has been doing this since the beginning of the month and Karen said they’ll keep doing it for Renee, as long as the lockdown lasts. 

Well, we all know that dogs are amazing but we also learned that not all Karens are bad, huh?


All Featured Images Courtesy: ABC News