Does Music Affect Your Productivity? Here’s Your Answer

Are you the kind of person who has a playlist especially for work? If yes, this means you too cannot live without your music at work.

I know I can’t.

I feel pissed off on the days in the office when I forget my earphones at home. God knows how many times my music has got me through my work or help me focus on the work.

Even Einstein played Mozart’s violin sonatas in the background when he needed to brainstorm on any ideas. So, we can derive from this fact that music does have a relation with productivity.

Does music affect your productivity?

The answer is yes. Music affects your productivity and in a positive way which is a no surprise. There have been studies conducted by scientists that prove that music improves productivity. Music releases dopamine which is a ‘feel-good’ hormone. And, when you are happy, you are at your highest productivity. So, there is your answer. However, employers at the corporate might think that it is meddling with your work but if you are making the deadlines, who’s to complain? It does work wonder is some scenarios like:


1. When you want to escape the background noise

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Is it getting too much noisy at your workplace and making it difficult for you to concentrate? In this case, music acts as a sweet diversion and help you focus better on the task at hand. An office is an environment where you share space with other people. You cannot simply ask someone to shut up. The best you can do is plug in your headphones and escape to a utopia where all work gets done.


2. When you find it hard to focus

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There are times while working in the office when you absolutely cannot focus on your work. No matter what you do, your mind keeps wavering and thinking about useless things except for the matter in hand. There is a genre is music just for that. You will find binaural beats online which will increase your concentration and focus so that you quit procrastination and get on the job.


3. When the work is monotonous (or boring)

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Doing the same task can be boring and monotonous, hence slowing down your productivity. It can even make you frustrating and unsatisfied with your job. To avoid all this before it bogs you down and throws you in an abyss, just play your happy jam playlist and keep your mood happy and cheerful. To answer the question – ‘does music heal you work faster’, yes it does. It will also keep you away from all the useless gossip and finish your work in time.


4. When you want your creative juices to flow

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Has boss assigned you with a new exciting project and you need to come up with ideas for it? But. for some reason, you cannot. Studies have shown that having mellow noises in the background can really let your creative juices flowing but too much noise can kill the vibe. Guess where music fits in. it is the ambient noise you will want in your background to get that idea mill churning. It will really wake your left brain  

What kind of music should you listen to while working?

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Music sets the mood. Also, music is personal. So, different people may respond differently to various kinds of music. While your friend likes to listen to EDM while working, you are more of a jazz fan. When it comes to listening to music while working, here is something you should take into account.

Music with Lyrics: Sometimes, lyrics can be too distracting. So, if you are doing any kind of intensive work, then you should steer away from the music with lyrics.

Familiarity: Listening to a new genre at work for the first time can imbalance your focus because more than half of your time would go in understanding the music and you wouldn’t be able to get any work done. This is kind of thing we were trying to avoid in this first place. So, stick to familiar music. Leave exploration for some other time.

Music without lyrics: It can be the least distracting music type of all. Since it is just tune and no lyrics, you would not have to pay any attention to it and can peacefully zone in your work. If you are listening to music is some other language unknown to you, then it is no problem. In fact, most coders and developers like to listen to unrelated music while they write brilliant codes.



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