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11 Creative & Easy Gift-Wrapping Ideas That You Can Do In 5 Minutes Using Household Items

With Christmas and New Year over our heads, the age-old tradition of gift giving is here. Some of us might have our gifts all ready and packed, some of us might still be choosing what to give, some of us need some way to make our gifts look truly unique.

I mean, if you are trying to impress your date or your partner, or even your in-laws or anybody that you care about – handmade and personalized gift wrappings are sure way to show that you care, and that you have actually put in time and effort to make this.

We present you some of the most clever, but incredibly easy gift-wrapping ideas that you can use this holiday season to give that unique look to your gifts.

Best part? These ideas cost literally nothing since everything that you need is already available in your house.

#1. Christmas Lights

Cut open brown paper bags or basically any dark coloured paper – and then draw wavy lines using a black marker. Dip your thumb in water colour or paint, and press it along the black wavy lines to create the illusion of colourful lights. Your wrapping paper is ready.

#2. Splash of colours using sponge and paint

Any white or light coloured paper will be your canvas here. Use paints with sponges and paintbrushes to cover the paper in various colours. You can make splashes, prints, lines, streaks or anything you like. Just try to make it like “modern art” and you’ll be good to go.

This wrapping paper will look highly sophisticated and classy due to its artistic touch.

#3. Holiday themed gift-wrap from shopping bags

If you have paper shopping bags that have holiday-themed designs and text on them, then you can cut them open and then use them to wrap your gifts. Add some colourful ribbons, strings, and tags to spruce up your packaging.

#4. Bow shapes made of cardboard paper or origami paper

Adding custom-made bow shapes to your gift wrapping can highlight the holiday charm to a great deal. Use coloured cardboad construction paper or origami paper – cut them into easy triangle shapes and glue them together to create a bow.

You can also draw on them using pencil or marker to add some more style.

#5. Ribbons and tags to add a personal touch

You can take your simple brown paper gift wrap and tie it up with a slick string or ribbons, then add a handwritten note or tag with your message on it.

Handwritten note will add a personal and caring touch as it shows that you have put in effort, while the ribbons and strings will make your gift stand out.

#6. Animal wrapping 

This one is so much simpler than it looks. Just take an ordinary wrapped box with papers folded in the front like shown in the picture. Draw eyes, nose and whiskers.

Use the same paper to create ears – cut oval-shaped ears for mouse, triangle-shaped for cats, cone-shaped for dogs.

For cats, you can make the eyes big and round; for dogs, a bit oval and medium-sized eyes will be perfect.

#7. 3-D wrapped gift

Perfect for kids, you can give them a gift that’s inside, and you can also glue their favourite things like toys or candies or crayons on the box.

Be sure they will play with the box for a long time before they actually get to open the box for the actual gift. A moment of double joy for the kids and you as well.

#8. Snow globes made of empty glass jars

Who doesn’t love snow globes? And they will love it even more when their gift comes packed inside a snow globe. Take an empty pickle jar, clean it properly, and then fill it with water and glitter. Then you can keep your gift cards or any other gifts inside the jar and then close the lid. Style it up with ribbons and bows.

PS: The gift cards and the gifts should be not made of paper or anything that can be spoiled with water, of course.

#9. Tissue paper fringe

Best way to make a plain gift wrap stand out is to add the festive touch of fringes to it. Glue several layers of tissue paper to your bag, and then cut them into fringes to create this elegant look.

#10. Festive pom poms of wool and yarn

Making pom poms out of wool is so easy and it hardly takes two minutes. You can glue the pom poms to your gift box or you can tie them using wool strings. You can create designs and patterns on the box using pencil or markers as well.

#11. Chalkboard look with a white marker

Black paper is probably the most versatile wrapping option. Wrap your gift in black paper, then use a white marker to write your messages, draw something that you want, you can create a starry night with moon and stars and cloud on the black backdrop and it’ll look fascinating.



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