Four Chinese Hackers Took Down Hundreds of American Companies, Says The US Justice Department

US “Intelligence” agencies have just uncovered China’s nefarious plan where four Chinese hackers hack their way into hundreds of American tech companies and social media sites with supposedly the strongest security systems.

More than a hundred companies that were allegedly targeted

American Justice Department accused four Chinese hackers — Zhang Haoran, Tan Dailin, Jiang Lizhi, Qian Chuan and Fu Qiang — and said they have hacked not into only the tech companies and social media, but also universities, government agencies and NGOs.

The accusation says that just these four hackers managed to take down more than 100 organizations to steal data.

The hacking protocol allegedly used by Chinese hackers is supposed to be ingenious

American attorneys have said that the reason why Chinese hackers were able to break down such cybersecurity is that they used an innovative hacking style called a supply chain attack. They embedded malicious codes into the products by software companies, and as these products were installed into other systems – the hackers used this planted code to initiate the attack.

Imagine that these organizations represent the creme de la creme of the capitalism, and since capitalists claim that their system produces the most innovative and brilliant solutions – it should be amazing that four hackers from a Communist regime were able to take apart hundreds of such organizations and their cybersecurity.

Why is China doing this? The US has a ludicrous answer

Image Credit: Common Dreams

The American government has accused China by saying that China is trying to boost their economy and become a global economic leader by hacking. They also said that hackers are working to launder money via video games.

But if capitalism produces the most efficient systems then how are just four Communist hackers able to break in? And how would collecting any kind of data from a failed country like the US would help China in becoming a world leader, the court did not say.

USA with its bout of homelessness, hunger, poverty, income inequality, police brutality, war machine, right-wing propaganda, and medical bankruptcy is hardly an ideal model to follow.

Whats makes the Americans think that someone would want to copy their nation is beyond any reasoning.



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