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Cardi B Hires Strippers For Her Husband Offset’s Birthday, Gives Him Half A Million Dollars

In yet another extravagant and inappropriate display of wealth, American rapper Carbi B is receiving fire for gifting half a million dollars to her husband Offset on his birthday.
But it’s not just that, after gifting him the hoard of cash, she took him to a strip club where she hired strippers for her husband, and threw about $100,000 in singles.

“You got everything, what else can I get for you?”

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Cardi B has amassed $28 million this year, and now she has given $500,000 to her husband as a birthday gift. She stowed 5000 of hundred dollar notes in a luxury fridge, and left it for Offset to find.

She shared an Instagram video where she said:

You got every car, every jewellery, every shoe…What else can I get for you?

Was Offset surprised or shocked, you can judge for yourself

Offset seemed justifiably taken aback, as his friends said, “you deserve it.” While Offset came forward, wearing multiple diamond chains and said to Cardi B, “you don’t have to give me this money.”

To which Cardi replied:

I know I don’t have to give you this money, but I don’t know what to give you and I gotta give you something.

Image Credit: Mirror

Then she started suggesting him what all he could buy with all the money:

You could buy a car, you could buy more clothes, you could buy jewelry, you could buy me more Birkin bags. You could do whatever the hell you want.

Then she took him to a Strip Club and hired dozens of Strippers

Image Credit: Mirror

Then she took him out to a strip club, with 100,000 of one-dollar notes, and started making it rain. She hired dozens of strippers to grind against her husband and to give him a lap dance.

Then she excitedly threw money at the strippers, filmed the whole thing, and broadcast it live on her Instagram stories.

Image Credit: Mirror

The video and pictures of scantily clad strippers is extremely explicit and cannot even be posted here.

In other videos, the thousands of notes were seen strewn on the floor of club.

People started slamming Cardi B and Offset all over the Internet

People on the Internet started criticized the wasteful expenditure of money and the shameless flaunting of wealth.

What about giving the money to someone who needs it? To a Charity? To someone fundraising for a life changing operation? A homeless person? Money is not happiness!


Just think there’s people living on the streets, no where to go, money could have really helped people in real need.

Why does this even happen?

Since most of the people in this world still haven’t caught up with the understanding that you shouldn’t make talentless people famous, (which explains why mumble rappers and Kardashians and Jenners and British royalty are popular and rich.)


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