World’s First Bullet Plane Revealed And It Is Six Times Better Than Fighter Jets

Bullet trains are the best kind of trains, and now the bullet plane – the world’s best airplane is here.

A strange bullet-shaped plane was seen at the Southern California airport and then speculations begun to fly. Eventually, more information was released about this deeply secretive plane, and now it is being widely hailed as the most amazing and ingenious aircraft to have ever been designed.

Perhaps the plane with the coolest features

According to a report by The War Zone, this plane is designed by a company called Otto aviation. This plane is being dubbed as a private craft that can hold six people in it. It can fly as the speed of fighter jets, and yet it takes eight times less fuel. Its range is double the range of planes that have a similar size.

Now, the Celera 500L also has a website and so many cool photos that you can see.

The company has completed numerous flying tests and they have said that:

“The Celera 500L is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence.”

This bullet plane gives an efficiency of 7.5 to 10.6 km per liter as compared to the typical fighter jets which clock at about 0.8 to 1.1 km per liter.

It can give a speed of 750 km per hour, while its hourly operating cost is $328 which is about six times lower than comparable fighter jets.

You will be able to rent this plane at the price of a regular ticket

Celera 500L will have the utility of an air taxi, and people will be able to charter it at the same price they pay for commercial airline tickets. If that’s nothing then Celera 1000L is also coming to town very soon. Which will have a cabin that is almost double in size, but will have the same efficiency as the revolutionary Celera 500L.

This is why this plane works so well

The reason why this aircraft is so efficient is because of a creative laminar flow solution.

Laminar flow is the minimum drag solution for aircraft surfaces, explains its website, and features smooth layers of airflow with little to no mixing of adjacent layers. The Celera 500L’s fuselage takes advantage of an optimum length-to-width ratio to maximize laminar flow. Laminar shapes are also used for the wings and tail sections.

Uber and Hyundai are also bringing something

Uber and Hyundai are also working on an electric flying vehicle that will have four seats, and you would be able to summon it with an app. But the drivers still won’t get paid because that is Uber’s game.


All Featured Images Courtesy: Warhammer