Bride Asks Guests To Give $ 1500 As Wedding Gift, Cancels Wedding After Being Refused

Yep, you heard that right, this really happened. Introducing, Susan, an ambitious bride who asked each of her guests to bring in $1500 as a wedding gift along with their RSVP.

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Susan, the bride apparently felt lead to ask her near and dear ones to contribute to funding for her marriage expenses.

The story

Apparently, Susan and her ex-fiance had a psychic reading because of which they decided to increase their wedding budget from $15000 to $60000.

The couple, making this bold move, decided to ask for financial gifts from their guests for their big day. Since the new psychic driven budget burnt more than just a hole in their pocket, they decided to lean on monetary gifts from friends and family to cover this one.


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Turns out, only 8 of the guests on their invitee’s list agreed to their demands and paid $1500 along with their RSVP. The rest remained silent and didn’t respond to the couple’s invite and demand.

Furious over what took place, bride Susan, now angry Bridezilla, cancelled her very wedding.

In a fit of rage and indignation, she wrote on her social media page, that she will be cutting off all of the people who refused to contribute and rsvp to her wedding. She even went ahead and called them leeches. Ahem!.

How did this all come crashing down?, well I invite you all on Facebook–players,bystanders and side characters of teh people in my life–to take a seat and listen.You’re all involved somehow,somehow you’re all wrapped in this mess.Even if you weren’t invited to my wedding,I dont care.[…]
Before I begin with this mini novel,I invite all of you(including the CUNTS who haveruined my marriage and life)to put yourself in my shoes.For once let me take the stage and voice the most painful few months of my life[…]
Friendly reminder to you cunts.Don’t think you own me. I am cutting all of you snakes off.I am living alone now. I only let in those I believe have good intentions.Xoxo

-Susan on her now deactivated Facebook page

The world a whiff of this after one of the guests posted Susan’s post on their social media page.

The Aftermath

While most of us are wondering how people can be so entitled, what we must really wonder about is the 8 guests who actually agreed to Susan’s terms. Based in CANADA, Susan was anything but praise for the rest of the guests who didn’t pay up.

Well, as of now, looks like the wedding is officially off and Susan’s husband is probably wondering why they ever went to the psychic. Or maybe, just maybe, he wanted to call the wedding off from the beginning and paid a psychic to get his job done with tact. What if right?

Susan’s cousin had quite a bit to say about her once her facebook rant was done and finished. Check it out here.


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I’m sure Susan might have never thought of the publicity she’s currently inundated with. But hey, anything can happen these days. So maybe, just maybe be careful what you do in public.




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