American COVID-19 Vaccine Is Causing Spinal Cord Infammation & Neurological Disorders

Many countries such as Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, and North Korea have already invented the vaccine for COVID-19. But USA is still in the middle of the battle, and the pharma companies in the US haven’t yet found a reliable vaccine.

The first-ever COVID-19 vaccine in the USA was invented by Johnson & Johnson, but it is now causing some “mysterious” and “inexplicable” illness in the people who receive it. So the vaccine is currently put on hold.

Here is what is actually happening with the dangerous side effects of this American vaccine.

After the vaccine by Johnson & Johnson was put on hold, there was a surge of panic and worry. While most people are concerned about this “unexplained illness”, the company has tried to give a justification.

Company released a public statement in which they said that illnesses, accidents, and other adverse events are “an expected part of any clinical study, especially large studies.”

They also said that they don’t really know what is causing the illness, and a team of doctors is currently on it.

Johnson & Johnson is using a legal loophole

Company is also declining to reveal any more information about the illness, saying that it is a private matter between the company and the individuals who got sick after taking the shot.

Usually, the law requires companies to investigate and reveal any serious or unexpected reaction that comes from their vaccines or medicines. But Johnson & Johnson is seemingly going the other way, claiming that they will investigate the problem themselves and will not be revealing any information.

This vaccine caused the spinal cord disorder

Other vaccines made by AstraZeneca and Oxford University are still halted in the US, because their trial was also causing serious health risks.

Most horrible thing that happened was when the AstraZeneca vaccine caused a severe neurological symptom called as transverse myelitis in a woman, which is a rare inflammation of the spinal cord.

Now they are testing again.


Featured Image Courtesy: CVZ