A 5-YO In Florida Called 911 For Pizza & Got A Special Delivery

Ever expected three policemen to bring pizza at your doorstep? Well, this five-year-old boy in Florida got his pizza delivered from the cops. 

When Manny Beshara, the five year old kid from Orlando, Florida, called 911 to deliver pizza to him, the cops delivered pizza to him. Don’t believe us? Here is an audio clip of him requesting pizza for himself because he was hungry.

“I want you to bring me a pizza please.” He says.

Kids be so adorable!

Now you may think that pizza is not really an emergency that you would call 911 but hunger is. Manny’ sister, Madonna, revealed that she had left her kid brother for a few minutes to the kitchen to fix him a bowl of cereal. In that while, he grabbed his sister’s phone and made that call. 

When a small kid calls 911 for a pizza, cops would obviously grow suspicious of any miscreation. They could have taken the call as a prank and ignored it but the fact that three policemen showed up at the doorstep to check if the little boy was okay, that too with a box of pizza shows how seriously the Florida police take their job to protect people. Hats off to their prompt response and concern for the citizens of Orlando!

Officers Morales, Mejia, and Hernandez responded to a home on Key Haven Dr., for a well-being check on a 911 call made…

Posted by Sanford Police Department on Friday, August 2, 2019

The visit from the cops taught Manny that 911 is for emergencies, not pizza delivery. So, please don’t imitate the incident. Hope reading this makes you feel safer in your home.

That’s not it. The cute, little guy returned the favor as a token of gratitude by sending two large pizzas to the police station with his sister and mother.



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