9 Weirdest Things You Won’t Believe People Have Actually Eaten

Magpie, a bird found in most parts of the world, is known for eating things that aren’t generally considerable. Magpie is called Pica in Latin, and that’s what the disorder of eating weird things is named after. But humans take it a step ahead, and so many of us have eaten things that even Magpie won’t eat.

Here’s a list of most unbelievable things that people have actually eaten:

#1. Only one in the history to eat a whole airplane

Image Credit: Webtvasia

Michel Lotito was known across the world for eating weirdest of things. He ate everything – plastic, metal, rubber, wood, fabric, whatnot. In 1978, he started to eat a Cessna Aircraft piece by piece. Within two years, he consumed the entire plane – and became the only person ever to eat an entire airplane. Michel Lotito has also eaten a whole coffin and dozens of bicycles. What was his secret? We’ll tell you.

#2. Ate the ashes of her husband

Image Credit: HowStuffWorks

Casie, a 26-year old woman, got her late husband’s ashes on her fingers once and she felt guilty about brushing them off, so she licked it. Ever since, she began munching on his ashes, and couldn’t stop. Apparently, grief and trauma makes us do strangest of the things, eh?

#3. Chinese man who swallows live bees

Image Credit: Fox News

Imagine a swarm of bees, buzzing and rushing towards you. What would you do? That’s right: Run away as fast as you can and find a hiding place as soon as possible. Not for this young man from China, who just casually walks into the swarm, grabs them by the fistful and stuffs them in his mouth. His only problem? He chokes a little as he swallows the bees alive. But that’s okay, he can take it.

#4. Kid ate his entire bedroom

Image Credit: Dailymail

Ever since he was old enough to chew, this 9-year old kid named Zach has eaten his toys, carpet, blinds, wallpaper, and even parts of the wall. Pretty much everything in his room is chewed and eaten, and now his parents are trying to build a special “non-edible” room for him. This kind of eating disorder is called Pica, and it affects children worse as compared to adults.

#5. Did you know that dirty diapers taste like “sour candy?”

Ugh! I know. And I’m sorry to be the bearer of gross news but here we are: a woman who “munches” on piss-soaked diapers! She was featured on TLC’s My Strange Addiction where she expressed her love for soiled diapers and described them as “sour candy-like.” She collects dirty diapers from family and even strangers, to support her addiction of chewing on them, sucking on them, smelling them, and eating them. Pro tip: It’s better to just buy a sour candy.

#6. “I betcha $20,000 I can eat a car”

Image Credit: Pinterest

Well, he did. Leon Sampson, who was already famous for eating weird things, ate a whole car to win a $20,000 bet. He ground up pieces of the car into fine particles and then wolfed them down by mixing them with soup and mashed potatoes.

#7. 5000 Light Bulbs

Image Credit: Big Green Purse

The legendary showman Todd Robbins just grabs a bulb and bites into it like an apple. So far he has had a few teeth broken on occasions, but there’s no stopping him. He has eaten almost 5000 bulbs by now, and sometimes he eats as many as 21 bulbs a week!

#8. Eating rocks since 20 years!

Image Credit: IamExpat

This woman, named Teresa Widener has been eating rocks since last 20 years. She describes them as “crunchy” and “earthy”, and munches on them as much as she can. Research has shown that the tendency in people to eat rock, soil, or clay comes because of anemia. So if you see someone munching dirt, tell them to get checked for iron deficiency.

#9. A Computer!

Image Credit: Desktoplux

Coming back to Michel Lotito – the man who ate the airplane – did you know that in his lifetime he ate bicycles, shopping carts, beds, pair of skis, the Cessna aircraft, a Waterbed, a coffin with handles and brass plaque included, and a computer! His secret was revealed by doctors later who found that his stomach lining was double the thickness of a normal person’s, and he sometimes lubricated his mouth with grease to help him chow down on rubber, metal, plastic, etc.



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