9 Phrases That Women Use (Real Often) & What They Actually Mean

Do you guys wish that women were simpler to understand? Do you girls wish that men understood the implied meaning of everything you said? If only relationships were so simple?

Here is your wish granted.

Okay, boys, this is basically a cheat code for all the phrases women use that you misunderstanding or pass over your head like a dumbass 

Girls, I know I’m breaking the rules of girlhood but we know how smoother our lives would be if men understood us women better. 

So, it’s a win-win!

Have a gander at these phrases.

1. Fine

This is a cue for you to shut up in an argument. You have lost because they are right and she wants to quit arguing with you.

2. Nothing

If her reply to your ‘what happened’ is nothing, it means ‘something’ is definitely wrong and you should be on your toes.

3. Five minutes

I think all guys would have gathered by now five minutes actually means at least half an hour or more when a woman is getting ready. So, next time you are planning a date, take this time into account.

4. Go ahead

Don’t you dare go ahead when a woman tells you to go ahead because it is not permission. When you tell her your plans to meet friends and she says go ahead, she means the opposite. Denying her will be giving an invitation to the chaos.

5. That’s okay

Well, it’s not. When a woman says she’s okay, she wants you to think long and hard before deciding anything or your decision will come biting in your ass. Trust me!

6. Loud sigh

Sometimes, a woman does not need words to portray her emotions. A loud sigh is enough to tell you that she thinks you are an idiot. Whenever you guys have an argument and she sighs loudly with disgust, she’s thinking what a waste of time it is talking to you.

7. Whatever

… with an eye roll. If your woman ever says this to you, know that you are doomed. In a woman’s dictionary, it means a big F-off. Remember all the things you did in the past year to piss her off because the reason for her ‘whatever’ could be any of it.

8. Thanks

You are in a safe zone when it is just a simple thanks. If she goes Thanks a lot, know that it’s all sarcasm. Reciprocating it with “you’re welcome” is like committing suicide. 

9. I’ve got it

Uh oh! Did you forget to do something she asked you to take charge of but you forgot because the match was on? Man, get ready for massive trouble. Even though she has taken care of it, you know it was supposed to be done by you. Don’t blame her if she goes passive-aggressive with you.



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