8 Surprisingly Common Things That Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Nobody likes to have dark circles under their eyes, an ugly highlighter blotching your skin. Who’s to blame? Well, your lifestyle in some cases but dark circles can emerge due to some internal issues in your body. Whatever it is, you should not let dark circles ignore. Using tea bags or cucumbers are temporary solutions, but if you want to get rid of the problem from the root, you need to understand the underlying cause. 

Here are a few common problems that may be giving you dark circles.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

Have you ever observed that these dark circles beneath your eyes are an only monthly affair? If yes, then it is possible that those dark circles could be a byproduct of PMSing along with other symptoms. Our body hormonal Imbalance during that time of the month. Of it bothers you too much, you can take homeopathic medicine after a prescription from a doctor.

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2. Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the most common cause of dark circles and puffiness in the eyes. Sometimes, you may not even realize that you are lacking sleep. It is only when someone points us out that the circles beneath our eyes have become darker, we realize that our bodies are exhausted. The only solution, in this case, is a snoozefest. Shut out everything around you and hit the bed for some sound sleep.

3. Screentime

Do you sit in front of your laptop for continuously long hours? If yes, we have a winner. Constant screen time is not good for the health of your eyes. Not only does it weakens your eyesight but also cause strain in your eyes. Those dark circles are an indication for you to control. 

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4. Toxins

Got dark circles under your eyes? You got toxins in your body. If none of the above reasons apply to you, maybe you should try detoxification of your body and then analyze the results. Your dark circles should disappear after proper detoxification of your body 

5. Hereditary

If your dark circles are permanent, then it is possible that your parents may have passed on bad genes to you. Darkness under eyes could be hereditary. It is more common in people with a Mediterranean background. You can get specific lasers for pigmentation under your eyes if it bothers you so much.

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6. Kidney Problems

You see everything in your body is interconnected. So, if something is wrong with your kidneys, you may have puffy eyes. It is your body’s way of telling you that your internal system is not functioning properly. Go to a doctor and get some tests done to be sure.

7. Dermatitis

It is also possible that those dark circles could be a result of dermatitis. It starts with watery eyes and itchiness that cause you to rub your eyes. The pressure on your blood vessels break the blood vessels leaving you with a black eye. There is nothing to worry about. It is not contagious but you should visit an ophthalmologist to get a cure. It will heal in time.

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8. Fluid retention

Fluid retention could be from a lot of reasons. You may lose water from your body when you are sick. Having a high sodium diet also cause water retention in your body. Your eyes are the first few areas where it is evident. If you have just recovered, then give it some time to heal automatically. Otherwise, improve your diet by adding Vitamin B6 and B5 to cut down on water retention.


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