8 Stylish tips to shop less, buy better, and look your best!

tips to look stylish and save money

For people who want to look stylish, it’s always a challenge to decide what to wear and buy. There’s a lot of thought that goes into buying the best look. Although, most people are under the misconception that those who spend a lot of money buying expensive clothes and brands look most stylish. That’s not true, though. Some of the most stylish people will hardly ever spend extravagant money on shopping and yet manage to look as fabulous as they do. Take a look at these tips that will make you shop less, buy better, and look your best!

Stylish Tips to Save Money and Look Better

1. Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit you perfectly

For that matter, even throw out or give away those clothes that don’t fit you and are still in your wardrobe. You don’t need them.

2. Replace old clothes with new clothes

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The idea is to replace something old with something new, which means when you get something new, remove something you don’t like or wear every time you add something new to your wardrobe.

3. Don’t get attached to brands

Most people are addicted to certain brands and that takes away the opportunity to find something stylish from other brands. Explore more brands and look for something new.

4. Never go on a shopping spree

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When you go shopping with a spree mindset, there’s hardly any chances of getting the most stylish finds and more chances of spending money on unwanted things. Go shopping- and buy ONLY what’s worthy of your money, even if you buy just one thing.

5. Use the hanger technique

Did you know that women wear only 40-60% of what they own? Fanny Moizant, co-founder of  Vestiaire Collective thus suggested the hanger technique. Put all your clothes on a hanger, and once you’ve worn them once in the month, turn them around. Based on how many clothes you own, you’ll know the clothes you wore by the end of a month or two, and will find that some clothes still lay there unturned, which means, you’ll probably never wear them. Get rid of them from  your stylish wardrobe.

6. A sale shouldn’t attract you to buy unwanted items

Sales are good for saving money, yes. But don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Do you really like it? Do you need it? Is it stylish enough to suit your style? More than anything else, is it worth it? Answer these questions to yourself before making a purchase.

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7. Say no to one-time-use outfits

Besides your own wedding, there shouldn’t be any piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you buy for just one occasion. Ensure that whatever you buy is something that you can reuse in some way or the other. Prefer rentals when you need something lavish for just one occasion- even the biggest of celebrities do that!

8. Don’t be afraid to buy similar clothes

Everyone has their style. When it comes to daily wear clothing, we prefer something that is apt and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to buying something similar, only that they shouldn’t be the exact same as something you already own.