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5 Best Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving falls in the shadow of Christmas since it is the first-day people may legally start watching Christmas movies, buying trees, and listening to holiday music. However, Thanksgiving offers so much more than that!

This year, be thankful for November and celebrate Thanksgiving all month long. Here are five strategies to help you enjoy Thanksgiving this November.

1. Host a Friendsgiving

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Thanksgiving is celebrated at a Friendsgiving with close friends. You may not like it as your average Thanksgiving, which allows you to enjoy it. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish to share and express what they are thankful for this year. You might skip the turkey and eat hamburgers or Chinese food instead. Whatever occasion, Friendsgiving is a great chance to bring everyone together.


2. Keep an appreciation notebook

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Celebrate the Thanksgiving season, but also take a moment to consider your blessings. Write down a few things each day throughout November for which you are thankful. According to a Harvard study from 2021, those who list their blessings feel more upbeat and positive about their life. Start a positive habit this November by recording your daily thankfulness in a gratitude diary. The holidays can be stressful.


3. Volunteer

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Give somebody else something to be grateful for. There are many ways to give back to your community. Consider checking for openings at food pantries, homeless shelters, or food banks. Additionally, you can discover ways to assist individuals in need, such as by visiting an elderly neighbor, getting in touch with an old friend, or watching a mother’s young children. Utilize your skills to spread some festive cheer to others uniquely.


4. Take part in a turkey run

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Exercise might be challenging during the holidays; local, long-distance foot races known as “turkey trots” are held on Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. They offer the ideal chance for engaging in social activity. Many participants even dress up for the occasion to add a little spice. Sandy’s Turkey Trot 5K, Moab Turkey Trot 5K, and Wasatch Turkey Trot 5K are a few of the regional turkey trots in Utah this year.


5. Create a pie-baking contest

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A traditional Thanksgiving dish is a pie to eat in November when most people only do it during holidays. Invite your buddies over for a pie-baking contest. You get to eat heaps of pie and spend time with loved ones.