7 Things That Are Making Your Wifi Network Slow Down

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There is nothing more frustrating than having a lousy internet connection. How many times have you reset or tapped on the router to make things work? Why punish your router when it is not even its mistake. There are other elements in the surroundings of your router that cause your internet to slow down. 

Is that reason any of these? 

1. Metal surface and furniture

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If you are dealing with a poor WiFi connection, it is possible that metal surface in your house may be the culprit. Metal is a good conductor of electricity and wifi signals are emitted in electromagnetic waves. Majority of these waves are absorbed by metal surface leaving you with a poor connection. 

2. Mirrors

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Got any decorative mirrors around your router? Get rid of them right away if your WiFi is working slow. It turns out that a mirror acts as a shield deflecting wifi signals and making the signals weak. The closer it is to the router, the more unstable and poor the strength of the connection is.

3. Electrical appliances

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Another reason why your WiFi signals are poor in the presence of a refrigerator and washing machine near the router. These appliances have pipes that circulate water. Some of the energy from the waves is absorbed by water making your signal strength weak.

4. Microwave

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Hope your router is not located in the vicinity of your microwave. Both these devices emit frequency from the same spectrum making the quality of your internet connection poor. To counter this problem, you should place your router at a place higher than your microwave’s level.

5. Brick and Stonewalls

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This one is a no brainer. It explains how when you sit in a different room or even floor than the router, your connection becomes weak. Walls made from concrete, brick, plaster, or cement impede the strength of your internet connection. 

6. Drones

Image Source: wired.com

Drones are not a primary reason for your slow internet connection but it can significantly make your internet speed slow if there’s a drone flying around. Most drones operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz which interferes with the strength of your signal.

7. Baby Monitors

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Don one thing. Don’t put that baby monitor next to your router if you want to enjoy the internet with fast speed. These devices work at the same frequency as your router. When two devices transmit the same frequency, they use air to transmit data. 

How to speed up your internet?

Apart from not placing your router at all the avoidable arrangements mentioned above, here are a few other things you can do to troubleshoot the problem of slow internet.

  • Get a powerful antenna
  • Buy a wifi extender, also known as an amplifier to extend the range of your internet signals.
  • Buy a broadband connection operating at 5 GHz for less impedance and much faster connection.
  • Keep your router updated. Reset to erase its memory and make storage for updates.
  • Make sure your WiFi is encrypted and password is strong.


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