7 Surprising Ways to Make Your Relationship Better

You can look for ways to improve your relationship, regardless of whether you’ve been dating someone for a while, are now living with them, or are a long-married pair.

1. Spend Time Apart   

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People require time alone for personal development and maintaining their independence while in a committed partnership. Individuals prosper, and the partnership as whole gains. In actuality, it’s essential for happy marriages.

2. Go to Sleep at the Same Time

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You may have already read that most American adults don’t receive the seven to eight hours of the restful sleep they require each night. But did you know that putting your lover to bed at a different time negatively affects the two of you?

3. Be Vulnerable

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You have to be willing to be vulnerable at times. Meredith Resnick, LCSW, the founder of, said, “Couples may find it shocking, but if each one becomes curious about one’s blind spots, identifies them, and then is bold enough to share that vulnerability, it can help establish a greater connection.”

4. Create Novel Experiences

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While establishing rituals and eating the same pizza every Saturday night might improve relationships, boredom can still set in. As a result, you should change things up and spice up your routine with new activities like impromptu date evenings.

5. Surprise With Little Things

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Small acts of kindness remind your partner that you are thinking about them and keep the flame burning. Happy couples are considerate of each other. Giving or volunteering to assist others is advantageous. Random acts of kindness have a tremendous impact on happiness.

6. Fight Better

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Although no one wants to dispute with someone they care about, conflicts can be constructive. It’s your fighting style and whether you fight pretty and effectively.

7. Share a Loving Story

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You might be surprised to learn that reminiscing can improve your relationship. Discussions that begin with “Remember when” and take a trip down memory lane, discussing your first date, your first house, and fun memories, bring back positive sentiments for both of you. Your lover will be brought back to the original reasons they fell in love with you.