7 Scary Movies That You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Sitting on that comfy recliner of yours? Good!

Have popcorns? Excellent. 

Turned the lights off? Perfect!

Well, this article is not about what you are thinking it is about, on the contrary, it is about something you are scared of. 

So if you are alone and ready to watch your next horror flick then let us warn you. Do not, we repeat DO NOT watch these 10 these spooky, spine-chilling, or let us simply call it as just plain terrifying movies that you shouldn’t watch alone). Here’s the rundown…

1) Ring (Japan, 1998)

The haunted video is utterly chilling. And you’ll never look at your television in quite the same way again.

2)Paranormal Activity (US, 2007)

It seems scary because it looks so REAL.

3)Ju-on: The Grudge (Japan, 2002)

It centers around a ghost child living in a bedroom cupboard – surely that’s everyone’s worst nightmare?

4)The Shining (US, 1980)

Imagine being trapped, in winter, in a creepy hotel. With ghosts. And a madman!

5) The Eye (Hong Kong/Singapore, 2002)

Imagine being able to see dead people, scary right?

6) The Blair Witch Project (US, 1999)

Well, it leaves the scariest parts to your imagination – and that makes it all the more chilling.

7) Shutter (Thailand, 2004)

It will make you wonder if all those blurred shapes in old photos might be…something else.