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7 Common Apps That Use Artificial Intelligence, But You Probably Never Realised

Artificial Intelligence has become omnipresent, just like God (if you are a believer). You will find uses of AI in almost every app you have in your phone or even devices. It is also predicted that in coming years you will be answering to Robot bosses made possible by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a machine’s ability to perform tasks requiring human intelligence. In case you haven’t noticed the intelligent apps you use every day are intelligent for a reason i.e. machine learning. In fact, it is not a new concept. Its inception goes back to 1950’s when Alan Turing first coined this term. Even a lot of video games use machine learning to mimic user behavior. Bet you didn’t know about these artificial intelligence facts.

Here are some of the apps that use artificial intelligence:

1. Siri

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One of the most intelligent apps and popular personal assistant, Siri could not have been possible without Artificial Intelligence. Speech recognition is one of the uses of AI that makes this app remain on your beck and call all the time. The app is already on all Apple devices: iPhone, iPads, and all Mac computers. Siri connects to your information automatically and uses machine learning technology to understand your commands and requests easily.

2. Tesla

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The uses of AI are not only limited to phones or apps. Tesla has recreated the future of automobile industry by creating smart vehicles with predictive powers. The unique feature about Tesla cars is their outstanding self-driving hardware along with other high tech innovations. No wonder they have received so many awards. The intelligent apps installed in the car can receive over-the-air updates so that it never stops being smarter.

3. Netflix

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You are probably thinking what an online movie streaming app has got to do with the uses of AI. Actually, those movie suggestions that Netflix offers you come from artificial intelligence of course. Its predictive technology analyzes hundreds of records so that it can show TV shows, documentaries, and movies based on your liking and previous viewings. This is what makes it one of the most intelligent apps. It is similar to asking recommendations from a friend but better.

4. Facebook

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Yes, even the most outrageous apps like Facebook make use of AI. How else do you think it shows you the kind of content you like in your Newsfeed? Facebook analyzes your behavior and engagement from the things you like, share, or comment on, and shows you similar or relevant content in your feed. Facebook constantly updates its algorithms to improve the user experience.

5. Google Maps

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This should come as no surprise that Google Maps uses Artificial Intelligence to help us reach our destination. Navigation is one of the uses of AI wherein a large pool of data is analyzed and tested to provide users with the best possible routes. Thanks to machine learning, this app has made the course of our lives so much easier.

6. Spotify

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Even the music you hear on your favorite music streaming app uses AI. Those daily playlists or mixes on Spotify are created using machine learning. This is why it is one of the most distinguished music platforms for a reason.

7. Amazon

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All thanks to artificial intelligence, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce players in the world. Those recommendations you get from Amazon are all coming from their sophisticated and most of the time accurate algorithms. The technology finds out your preferences and shopping behavior to predict those recommendations. That is how they are driving one-third of their sales!

These were just the apps that use AI we were talking about. Scientists have also made a Robo-dog, supercomputer, and even a Robo-human with the help of artificial intelligence. Sky is the limit!



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