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6 ways to keep indoors warm during winters

As much as we love the season of snowfall, mist and hot chocolates; it is fair to say we face a hard time trying to keep warm indoors as much without turning up the heat constantly. Not to mention the cost-provocative methods we have to indulge in to rescue ourselves from chilly interiors.

What if there were ways to turn your indoors warm and cozy? What if there was actually a method with which you could avoid constantly turning up your home heaters? We have the answer!

Following are 6 ways with which you can keep your indoors warm even during winters:-


1.Fury Blankets and Throws

Even the thought of faux fur brings us certain coziness. Turn your house into a Christmas explosion by replacing all your cotton sheets/blankets and throws with fur and wool. Whether it is your favorite arm rest chair or the couch in the living room, these woolen and fur throws will not only bring comfort to the eyes, but also warmth when you decide to sit on and wrap these around during your ‘WFHs’.





2. Replace All Mats With Jute And Knit Mats

Keep aside all the plastic or light-material mats and carpets for summers and save a certain budget to bring home those jute and knit mats. These are thick enough to protect your feet from touching the cold floors when you get down from your cozy bed or couch. You can also experiment a little and make these rugs your cozy corners by throwing some puffs and pillows onto them.






3. Make Sure Your House Smells Of Cinnamon & Cocoa

That’s right! Cinnamon and cocoa have a certain quality which opens up to the sensations of the nose and brings warmth to ones body. While we already love the thought of cinnabons and shea body butter, adding house fragrances of such warm spices and ingredients only accentuates the environment of the house.






4. Keep Your Kitchen Warm

Use the stove and oven for cooking. These generate heat and keep your kitchen warm, hence it is advised to use no-cook or no-bake meals during summers but opposite in winters. Also make sure every time you indulge in some delicious brownie or cookie baking during winters, just leave the doors of the oven or microwaves open. This further adds on to some mild temperature control around the area. Be cautious about any pets or children around the area!


5. Use A Humidifier 

Humid air is always a bit warmer than dry air. And running the heat in the colder months has an opposite effect to it as it strip off your indoors of humidity. To balance this, consider using a humidifier. Search for the models that allow you to choose between warm and cold air; while they cost more but they are more effective on heating. How about a good one-time investment?




6. Spend More Time Upstairs

It is a scientific fact that hot air rises! In case you have multiple floors in your house, try shifting to the upper floors during this time of the year. You will experience an immediate temp rise as you go higher. You will also be able to use all of the above tips more so effectively at a higher floor rise as compared to being on the ground floor.