6 Things You Won’t See In Theatres Ever Again

It’s been a long time since you saw a movie in a theatre and obviously, can’t wait to experience it again. But do you know that when the theatre reopens your experience is going to change altogether? Following health and safety guidelines would be given utmost importance and everyone would be expected to adhere to the rules. A lot of changes will take place and here are a few things that you won’t see the next time you step inside a theatre.

Here are the 6 things you wont see in theatres even again

1. Mask-less people

In public places, wearing a mask has become necessary for every individual. Thus, you will be required to wear it in theatres as well. Everyone present there including their staff will be wearing a face mask in the lobby, hallways, and restrooms (and can only remove it while eating and drinking). Make sure that you wear the mask at all times for the safety of your own and the people around you.

2. People loitering in the lobby

Reaching well before time and waiting around to enter the hall will be a thing of the past. Movie-watchers will be required to take their seats in the hall as soon as possible and exit the theatre as soon as the movie ends.

3. Complete menu

Remember how you used to select what to eat from dozens of options displayed on the chart, well, now you won’t be able to find them. Theatres will offer limited options of food and beverages to maintain hygiene.

4. Packed auditoriums

It is advised to follow social distancing rules to avoid the spreading of Coronavirus. Therefore, the movie theatres will not be operating in full capacity when they reopen. Operating at reduced capacity will ensure that distance is maintained between guests and the hall is not crowded.

5. An occupied seat next to you

Tickets will be booked in compliance with the social distancing rules and seats will be kept vacant between two groups. The reservation system will make sure that there are empty seats between guests.

6. Watching a movie in large groups

Eagerly waiting to watch a movie with your gang? That might not happen anytime soon. Large groups will not be encouraged inside the theatres and the group size will be limited according to the regulations.

 Sounds like too many changes, right? Well, get used to the new normal because this is how things are going to be, and don’t forget that all this is to keep you healthy and safe.