6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

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When your favorite summer season is here, so are the mosquitoes. Why is it so that you get more mosquito bites than your siblings when you are out on the porch sipping iced tea? There is a reason why you are mosquitoes’ favorite.

Mosquitoes and bugs are selective insects. It still does not explain why you have more bite marks than your sibling. Thankfully, scientists have found a few factors that could explain why some people get bitten more often than others.

1. Blood Group

blood type
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Did you know mosquitoes are choosy when it comes to blood type? After all, blood is their favorite meal. Researchers have found that people with blood Type O will get more bug bites than those with other blood types. So, if you are born with blood type O, get ready to be bitten.

2. Co2

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

The more Co2 you give off, the more favorable you are to mosquitoes. People with high metabolic rates tend to dissipate more CO2 than others. Now you would argue that non-living entities like automobiles, emit carbon dioxide in the air. Then, how do mosquitoes only make us humans with sweet blood their target?

Here’s your answer

3. Lactic acid is 

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You see, mosquitoes are very smart. They use lactic acid as their cue. Whenever we exercise or do things that cause our muscles to cramp, lactic acid is produced in our body. It is released through our skin inviting mosquitoes to feast on our blood.

4. Dark clothes

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Have you ever observed that when you are wearing black, mosquitoes hover around you but your friend who’s wearing light shades do not complain of mosquito bites? It is because mosquitoes have excellent vision. They fly close to the ground to avoid being carried with the wind. This is why they are able to detect your dark clothes in contrast with the surroundings.

5. Body heat

woman back shot like a thermography
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It is the most important cue for mosquitoes to choose their prey. Mosquitoes land on the skin that is close to the bone. If your skin is closer to the bone, your body will have warmer temperatures, and hence, a feast for the mosquitoes 

6. Lifestyle factors

woman wearing brown dress sitting beside table holding glass of wine
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Scientists have also found other factors that facilitate mosquitoes to choose their prey. If you are drinking alcohol, then you are at a higher risk. Being pregnant and being overweight are other factors that attract mosquitoes. Moving around or exercising also makes you prey for the mosquitoes.



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