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6 Easy Exercises For Moms

Motherhood isn’t a job- it is a responsibility that lives on for a lifetime. The running around, the twenty-four-hour attention, and the everlasting worry for the child even after a child move on in life is a universal feeling. But motherhood is most difficult for new mothers who have just set off on a new journey of understanding a human they call their “child.” Amid all this mess, mothers hardly have any time to have a quiet meal, leave alone care for themselves.  

It also leaves no time for mothers to take care of their health and wellness. Although, no matter how busy one is, it is significant that they spend at least a few minutes a day in the same than feeling exhausted all the time.

We’ve collected a few exercises for all the mommies out there who can take up these exercises practically any time of the day and anywhere they are. It will at least keep the muscles moving, the blood regulated, and your mind active.

  1. Wall Push-up:
    Courtesy: Stylecraze Fitness

    Unlike the regular push-ups that require rigorous effort, wall push-ups are simple to do. All you do is take the push-up position against the wall and get your body moving. Do it anywhere, in the kitchen while you wait for the food to cook, in the shower (don’t slip!), or in the living room while watching television. 

  2. Walking:
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    Doesn’t sound difficult already, right? You might think, “I already walk all day long in the house picking stuff up!” Well, that’s just chores. Why don’t you start counting steps on your mobile so that you feel good about those chore-accompanied walks and then set a goal for whatever time you have left in the day and use that in walking? Take a walk when on a call or take your child to the park where you get a couple of rounds. 

  3. Single-Leg Balance:
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    When you have a couple of minutes here and there, stand with one leg raised and balance yourself. Don’t forget to tuck your tummy in so that the exercise can do its best job. 

  4. Kick-backs:
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    The name of this exercise is self-explanatory. You can do it while cooking, while feeding your baby at the table, or even before you’re ready to retire for the day. Just kick back when standing and get your core talking. 

  5. Standing Russian Twist:
    Courtesy: Shutterstock

    Pull your core in, hold something in your hand (something that has some weight to it), and twist. It is a fabulous exercise for your hips and back. And we can only imagine how your back feels with holding the baby and bending to pick up things. Standing Russian Twists is one of the best exercises to release this stress. 

  6. Hip Thrusts:
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    Also good for that hard-working spine of yours, you can do hip thrusts anywhere! When you lie down, thrust your hips upwards and then back down again. Ensure to keep both hands by the side of your body and your legs folded. As a bonus, it also works on flattening the tummy! You can do this at any time of the day! 

Here’s a bonus- practice contrast showering on days when you’re stressed out to your gut. Variate the water’s temperature between hot and cold. This practice is one of the best energy boosters. 

Thank you, dear moms, because we don’t think you get thanked enough for the Wonder Woman jobs you do!