5 Ways to Become More Attractive

You become more attractive to others when you feel good about yourself. And when you learn to love yourself, relationships become more straightforward and spontaneous, and your life becomes less stressful. When you are internally strong to the core, you can easily adjust to the ups and downs that occur with relationships.

Here are five techniques to improve your self-esteem and increase your attractiveness to others:


1. Don’t be too serious about yourself.

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To establish enduring relationships and find love, you don’t need to be flawless. Being imperfect makes people comfortable. A certain level of intimacy develops, giving you the impression that you can be honest with this person because they are doing the same with you. Naturally, it’s crucial to establish relationships with positive, non-toxic individuals. The unfavorable feelings about you are not derogatory remarks about your character.


2. Take the proper action.

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If you have low self-esteem, you probably seek other people’s acceptance. You are subtly searching for affirmation, a sense of belonging, and the perception that you are acting morally. Doing this makes you too preoccupied with yourself. It won’t come from a hectic search for approval from others; your insecurity might turn people away. Do the right thing for yourself, others, and society.


3. Live your own life.

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People with a feeling of meaning and purpose are compelling because they radiate power. Worrying about how others might or might not be evaluating you is a waste of time that could be used to achieve your goals in life. Consider these inquiries: What makes me happy? What do I want to accomplish in this life? What gives me a sense of contentment and well-being? When you stop second-guessing your decisions, you can begin to live for yourself.


4. Decide to be joyful.

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When you are joyful, those around you feel it and are at ease. One method to deliberately choose pleasure is to become aware of your internal critic—the voice in your head that makes judgments and comments—as I explain in my workbook, Building Self-Esteem: 5 Steps. If you allow it, your internal critic will lead you here, and giving yourself over to it is like falling off a cliff into nothingness.


5. Look after yourself.

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Because they exude self-discipline, those who care for themselves are more appealing. Others won’t see you as a burden to be taken care of if you are in control of yourself. Your daily routine should include eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking care of your emotional well-being.