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5 Ways to Be More Creative

Does Your Team Need Some Creative Inspiration? 

Many business owners praise the benefits of a creative workplace. No amount of whiteboards or toys will bring creativity to the surface in the middle of routine operations. People are given time, space, and stimulation without being under time constraints. My colleagues and I have shared some innovative techniques below to assist you in discovering your creative spirit.


1. Try something unique.

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Doing the same things with the same people in the same way, won’t foster originality. To change people’s perspectives, you must provide stimulation. Bring some persons who work in the creative industries into the office. 


2. Submit more inquiries.

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What-if games are my favorite. Ask more detailed questions as opposed to simply brainstorming. “What would we do if we lost our biggest customer?” What would we do if we lost one of our company’s (important drivers)? “How would we set that up with the initial sale if we needed every consumer to be a return customer?” The question “What is one foolish rule we need to kill today?” is another of my favorites. Then take a seat and pay attention. –Owner’s Manual


3. Give yourself a boost.

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Since I am my boss, I need to be inspired creatively. I frequently take pauses, read articles from various news sources, and keep my mind open to new possibilities. When a song is playing on my computer, I grab the guitar from the table, turn up my amplifier, and rock out. – “The Leadership Guy”


4. Establish a mindful culture.

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Your staff members will joyfully and freely use their creative resources if you support them and give them a chance to be heard. I have a customer that asks everyone to share one thing they are thankful for and a recent “success” in their personal or professional life at the start of every staff meeting. A leader who is prepared to give her team members the freedom to experiment without worrying about criticism is regarded as powerful, self-assured, and creative. —The Promising Soloist


5. Leave the office space.

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If your business is housed in the hippest loft office space, it may not be the optimal environment for inspiring creativity in you or your staff. I get my team members out of the office when they are in a rut. Go-kart tracks, putt-putt golf courses, and bowling alleys have served as venues for me to spark creative spurts that have advanced a company.