5 Unbelievable Dream Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

Are you among those who are simply bugged with the job you do and wish there would be something much cooler you could do? While freelancing and traveling have become dream jobs, you’ll be surprised to know there are several other jobs that you might not even know existed. Okay, so you might have seen a mermaid or two at big aquariums, but did you know some people get paid to test mattresses? Or to taste bourbons? If you’re already planning on quitting, then wait up until you take a look at some more such jobs that you wish you could have too!

1. Medical Marijuana Tester

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This domain starts from basic positions like bud trimmer and can also lead to jobs relating to the cultivation of the plant as gardeners. It requires having a degree in chemistry. So, if you are interested in exotic gardening and want to contribute to science on a legal basis – you may want to give it a shot.

2. Mystery Shopper

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How is shopping on a regular basis and being paid for it for a job description?  Brands are becoming more and more customer-oriented, so they take customer service very seriously by hiring mystery shoppers to help evaluate their service as ordinary clientele. Apart from benefits like flexibility, you get to keep the goods and services that you purchase for free. Isn’t it a great job?

3. Party Planner

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If you love to party and have what it takes to plan a big event using your business acumen, then you can make money from this artistry. This job typically requires a degree in PR, Marketing, Mass Communications, or Event Management, however, having prior experience with college events, social fests might help you skip the requirement of a degree.

4. Mattress Tester

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This role involves testing mattresses. The professionals that test these products ensure they feel comfortable using the mattresses and give personal feedback to help companies make decisions accordingly. The responsibilities include picking out the best quality bedding by testing it out. If you want to stay in bed and earn from it, this is the job for you!

5. Bourbon Master Taster

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Yes, you guessed it right! It is what it seems. Sampling from barrels of whiskey and bourbon and guiding guests on VIP tours and being paid for it. Even though the job sounds easy but it does ask for very particular skills like recognizing taste, defects, and a sense of smell and taste.

What do you think about these jobs? Which one does fascinate you the most? Do share your thoughts in the comment section!