5 Types of Pancake Recipes from Across the Globe You Should Not Miss

For some people, Pancakes are their constant morning breakfast and of course for obvious reasons. Pancakes are easy to make and delicious to eat. You can have them with a variety of syrups or dips. Over the years, Pancakes have also evolved, and now there are more than 10 types of Pancakes available out there. We have decided you help you make a twist on your favorite breakfast by trying out these unique recipes of different types of Pancakes. 

1) Indonesian Serabi

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Ingredients: Made with rice flour and coconut milk and distinctively only cooked on one side.

Paired with: Most Serabi Pancakes are eaten sweet but can be paired with cheese and meat for a savory snack. 

2) Russian Blinis

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Ingredients: Russian blinis, or buckwheat pancakes, are yeasted pancakes traditionally made from buckwheat flour and served savory with sour cream or caviar.

Paired with: Mini blinis have become popular in the UK and are often eaten with smoked salmon as an appetizer. Think of them as the party type of pancake for munching. 

3) Dutch Poffertjes

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Ingredients: Made with yeast and buckwheat, Dutch Poffertjes have a light, spongy texture. 

Paired with: Served sweet with cream and a dusting of sugar, they closely resemble their Danish counterpart in that they have to be cooked in a special pan to achieve their unique shape.

4) Finnish Pannukakka

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Ingredients: A sweet, baked variation made of eggs, milk, sugar, flour, and vanilla, the Finnish Pannakakku forms a thick pancake that is crisp on the top and soft in the middle.

Paired with: It’s best served sweet with cream, jam, or fruit.

5) Australian Pikelet

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Ingredients: Made from milk, flour, eggs and a touch of icing sugar, the Australian pikelet is a sort of blini-crumpet crossover. 

Paired with: Pikelets are made small like a Scotch pancake and served with jam, cream, or butter.


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