5 Types of Cheese You Should Know About

Cheese is something that everyone loves. Anything becomes better and yummier when you put cheese into it. Here are some different types of cheese you should know about.




Country of Origin: France

Type of milk: Sheep

Aging: At least five months

Best Uses: Eaten as is, or with nuts and honey

2) Camembert

Country of Origin: France (Normandy)

Type of milk: Cow

Aging: At least three weeks

Best Uses: Eaten as is, on sandwiches, baked in a crust, breaded and deep-fried


Country of Origin:Mexico

Type of milk: Cow

Aging: At least 3 months

Best Uses: On tacos, salads, in soups, over rice, on casseroles, over beans, in guacamole, etc.


Country of Origin: France

Type of milk: Goat

Aging: Varies

Best Uses: Broiled with olive oil. Crumbled in salads. Sandwiches. Use in place of Cotija in tacos and other Mexican dishes.


Country of Origin: Italy (Campania)

Type of milk: Cow or Water Buffalo

Aging: None

Best Uses: Fresh with a drizzle of olive oil, coarse salt and pepper. With tomatoes in a sandwich. Pizza!