5 Things You Must Know While Planning Your First Plant Baby

Are you planning to expand your family? Well, heartiest congratulations to you and your better half from us. Since you have a set objective now, you may want to plan things further as there’s a lot to learn and do once the baby is here. 

Being a plant parent is completely different from being a human parent or a pet parent. Of course, plants don’t require as much as attention the other two do, but you still, need to be mindful while raising one. 

Here are 5 most important things 

1) Be Consistent 

Plants do not speak or needs to take out for a walk but they do have certain requirements that you as a parent have to fulfill. Making plant care a part of your weekly routine is the best way to make sure it happens consistently. 

2) Know Your Parenting Style 

Are you the one who’s way more possessive, and caring? Does your world revolve around your kids? or Are you the one who throws her kid in a pool and let them learn through its experience? 

Well, being a plant parent you need to follow a balanced approach. You can’t overwater your plants, neither can you leave them in a drought situation.  

3) Things Might Get Gross When Your Plants Feel Unwell 

Just like kids house plants can also be sometimes gross and disgusting. When houseplants are suffering, they just like humans show different symptoms, such as mildew and insects. These are most common and both are typically the result of too much moisture.

 By testing the soil before watering and making sure your plant has adequate light, You can save your plants from such sufferings. But even then if a tragedy strikes, insecticidal soap and diatomaceous earth are two of the all-time effective cure-alls that you may use. 

4) Choose Your Plants Wisely

Plants stay in greenhouses where they get a tremendous amount of light and an adequate amount of air and water. Greenhouses are an ideal place for the growth of plants.

When you bring them home you can’t provide them the same conditions. You’ve no control over the sunlight entering your living room, so you have to be smart about the kind of plants you bring home. Choose plants according to the home’s conditions.

5) There’s No Stopping 

Once you set a routine and see your babies growing quite well, you will definitely have the temptation to bring more and more of them, home. You will start finding reasons to expand your family and bring in their siblings home. Well, let us help you with two reasons we can think of, firstly, they look amazing and beautiful in a group. Secondly, plants give you peace, and keeping them makes you a proud parent. 


Featured Image Source: NYTimes