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5 Things to Do When You Are Pregnant

More consideration and care are required during pregnancy. Taking care of yourself has never been more critical than when you are pregnant. You must be careful about everything, including your diet and sleep schedule, as you must now take care of yourself and your infant. You should take good care of the baby even before it is born. You have a better chance of giving birth healthily if you maintain a healthy pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, it can be a happy time that inspires her to live a healthier lifestyle and, if necessary, work toward a healthy weight.

1. Work on proper breathing and core contraction

Breathing techniques for labour - BabyCentre UK

Proper breathing and core contractions are very beneficial when you are pregnant. However, there are certain rules which you need to keep in mind while practicing breathing work.

Deep inhale: Belly expands, and pelvic floor lengthens.

Exhale Core and pelvic floor will contract.


2. Learn to lengthen your pelvic floor

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Hip openers, gentle guided restorative yoga, and training your pelvic floor to lengthen helps prepare your pelvic floor muscles to get out of the way when it’s time for delivery. And, it helps with your mindset, too!


3. Strengthen your pelvic floor

The thigh squeezer and other pelvic floor exercises to help beat  embarrassing leaks – as 1 in 3 women suffer incontinence | The Sun

Strengthen your pelvic floor by strengthening your core, back, hips, and overall body by staying active and continuing to strength train throughout pregnancy. Make sure to incorporate your breathing and core contraction. It can help prevent pelvic floor dysfunction later.


4. Build your support system

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Having the right team to support you before, during, and after giving birth is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you have a partner, ensure you’re both on the same page. Surround yourself with a supportive birthing team who listens to you and is confident and capable of taking the best action if things get complicated or chaotic. That team can include physicians, doulas, midwives, pelvic floor physical therapists, family members, etc.


5. Create a birth plan but be prepared for change

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Having a plan is helpful and wise. Just remember, many factors can change that plan at the last minute. Prepare your mind to be able to make adjustments along the way. The last thing you want to be stressing about is “sticking to a plan” that is no longer feasible.