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5 Exercises to Relieve Period Cramps

period cramps

If having the periods, enough isn’t enough already that women also have to entertain the period cramps and everything else that comes with it. For some, it is mild, but for some, it is too much to handle. And then there’s also this thing about how it isn’t good to take medications to relieve period cramps since it isn’t good for the body in the longer run. So, now, what option do females have to deal with the pain and work on ways to lessen it as much as possible?

While there are items suggested to eat and drink to relieve period cramps, you can also do some simple, non-exhausting exercises to deal with them. Here goes!

Exercises to relieve Period Cramps

1. Forward bending

forward bending
Courtesy: Yoga Journal

Stand with your feet together and drop yourself to the ground, trying to touch your toes. Inhale. Now slowly curl back up and raise your hands above your head. Exhale. Let it all go. Do this a few times, and it could help ease the cramps.

2. Glute Bride

glute bride
Courtesy: Reddit

Besides helping with period cramps, this exercise also helps relieve back pain. You lay on your back and fold your legs (bend your knees). Now lift your lower body while keeping your hands on the ground. It is very relieving.

3. Toe Touch

toe touch
Courtesy: Reddit

You touch your toes seated comfortably on a mat or the bed this time. Bend forward and extend your hands to touch the toes. It’s convenient and works great on reducing cramps.

4. Take a Walk

Courtesy- Eat this, not that!

Yes, it’s difficult to think about going for a walk when the cramps trouble you. But taking a walk when it’s just mild can avoid it increasing. It helps reduce stress, therefore, takes your mind off the cramps.

5. Practice Light Yoga

Courtesy- Health Shots

Practice light yoga positions that you find comfortable. Don’t stress, don’t exert yourself. Do what you can do with comfort. You’ll find several yoga videos meant only for releasing period cramps.


Above everything else, keep your mind stress-free, and avoid any additional symptoms like headaches and the like.