5 Best Travel VLoggers On YouTube (2022)

Living your travel love is one thing, but shooting it daily to weekly for YouTube binge viewers is quite another! Nevertheless, as the narrative methods of its producers advance to keep you interested, the collection of travel vloggers on YouTube expands.

These travel YouTubers provide regular programming of travel inspiration through storytelling editing, daily vlogging, cinematic flair, gorgeous drone photos, or 360-degree watching.

Enjoy this collection of motivating YouTube channels for finding top travel information and adventures.


1. Fun for Louis

Louis Cole first captivated (and horrified) spectators with his daring propensity to consume any peculiar delicacy, whether it was alive or dead.


2. Mr. Ben Brown

Most people know Mr. Ben Brown as a YouTube vlogger. However, he does some traveling, and his Visual Vibes series features some breathtakingly beautiful travel cinematography. Being a skilled storyteller, some of his vlogs are shot from his point of view, giving the impression that you are inside his head.


3. Vagabrothers

The crazy boys of travel vlogging are The Vagabrothers. They provide a soft cultural side into the pleasures of traveling while acting as dynamic travel hosts energizing you for the journey. Their trip videos feature entertaining shooting techniques, partnerships with other YouTubers, culturally relevant location recommendations, and deadly drone shots.


4. Hey, Nadine

Nadine Sykora is currently the most popular female travel vlogger on YouTube, so she knows what her audience wants. As Hey Nadine, she adds a unique element of fashion, fun, food, and entertainment to her vacation lifestyle channel.


5. Migrationology

Mark Weins, one of my favorite culinary and travel YouTubers, does! Migrationology, a travel and cuisine blog, has achieved culinary fame on YouTube, making Mark the most popular “foodie” person. The ideal digital nomad is Mark! He conveys each nation with delectable bites to express his love of travel. There are plenty of food videos, as well as DIY city guides.