5 Best Apps for 5 Year Olds

We’ve compiled a list of the best mobile apps for five and 6-year-olds to aid learning. They include apps to support learning phonics, basic numeracy, creativity, imaginative play, and more.

Here is a list of some of the best apps for 5-year-olds, particularly those that help support child development.

1. LogicLike: Kids Learning App

LogicLike — Online educational game & brain booster!

LogicLike – 5-Star Certified App

Kids can play a variety of brain-training activities at It fosters logical thinking and problem-solving abilities in a fun and exciting way. The puzzles for kids include math problems, games that need spatial thinking, analytical issues, clever counting, memory tests, and other fun and exciting games.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad


2. KidCoach

Get your kids talking and thinking

KidCoach – 5 Star Certified App

The KidCoach app offers 1000+ short, entertaining, and thought-provoking questions for your children. Parents and teachers can start essential discussions that help youngsters develop their needed skills.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad


3. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet - Apps on Google Play

Endless Alphabet – 5-Star Certified App

For kids aged five and older, the popular Endless Alphabet app can be used to teach letter sounds, vocabulary, and other skills. The youngster places the correct letter in the word by dragging it there; as they do so, the letter adopts a personality and makes a sound.

Cost: Paid

Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad


4. Busy Water

Kids apps to Entertain and Interact on Apple TV

Busy Shapes – 5-Star Certified App

The STEM learning game Busy Water encourages students to think imaginatively while solving logical puzzles. This challenging yet kid-friendly series of logic puzzles allows kids to solve difficulties and experiment with simple scientific principles. Any child ages six and up will love this app.

Cost: Paid

Devices: iPhone, iPad


5. Motion Math

Motion Math: Hungry Fish Review - EducationalAppStore

Motion Math – 4-Star Certified App

A collection of enjoyable math games for 5-year-olds called Motion Math is very well-liked by teachers. Children can add and subtract in an underwater setting where math is involved in feeding fish. Simply giving small fish their preferred meal, kids may learn the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, and negative numbers incredibly straightforwardly.

Cost: Free

Devices: iPhone