4 Things You Can’t Live Without

We don’t often understand our capabilities. Be it enduring pain, appreciating little things or embracing all sorts of experiences. But have you ever wondered what are things that you cannot live without? And Let’s not mention water!


Internet was invented in 1960 and last few years made the internet as important it is today. So, people lived happily even before the internet.


Well, knowledge indeed is power but again there have been people in every group who read and others who don’t. So, living without books is not a bizarre idea for most of us.

Books and the internet definitely add value to our lives but you can’t claim that life is not possible without them.

So neither books nor the internet. Then what?

We have tried narrowing down the list things that we can’t live without


Hope that the future will bring good things, life would be better. What you’re currently suffering from won’t always be there. Hope to never give up. As they say that: “Hope is the last thing ever lost,” it’s indeed something we all need in life.


Music knows no language and at the same time it’s a language in itself. Even without any words, music can bring out emotions that you would never express otherwise. We even associate our life experiences with songs, right?


Beauty might be a subjective concept where there are thousands things that you would like and others won’t and vice-versa. However, one thing that is universally considered beautiful is nature. Sunrises, sunsets, birds, flowers and the list goes on. There is no better feeling than connecting to nature.


Don’t start thinking of your boyfriend/girlfriend just yet. It is free from any labels. Be it family or friends or lovers, you just can’t guarantee who is going to stick around. It can come from a pet or even a stranger. But let’s admit that to ‘live’ life, we need to love and be loved.

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