20 Things You Must Do At Least Once Before You Die

Life moves quickly. Life happens out of nowhere. What is a well-lived life if you haven’t tried everything? What’s the point if the journey doesn’t provide memorable experiences? A few things truly make us feel larger than life. Here are 20 things that everyone should do at least once.

1. You live alone.

As corny as it may sound, living alone is a great learning experience and fun!


2. Take an adventure trip.

And by the expedition, we mean something complicated and out of our comfort zone.


3. Have a dog

They teach us some essential life lessons.


4. Spend time in nature

Take a breather. Unwind and relax.


5. Spend the entire night stargazing

There’s something about staring into space and wondering how significant or insignificant we are.


6. Take the stage

Getting up on stage to overcome stage fright, whether to give a speech, sing, or dance, is a victory in and of itself.


7. Violate the law

we don’t mean murder or theft, but how about a party after hours or something along those lines?


8. Go a day without using technology.

It may appear complicated, but it is not impossible. We cannot become technologically enslaved people.


9. Travel alone

Traveling alone, like living alone, will teach us much about ourselves.


10. Spent all of our money on something costly.

What’s the point of stockpiling everything? If we have to work for it, we might as well treat ourselves once in a while.


11. Or go bankrupt

It’s not like you’ll be broke indefinitely. And it’s not like you can’t make ends meet if you’re broke.


12. Experiment with Marijuana

And not because it is illegal. 


13. Get as drunk as possible.

The next day, you will be bombarded with fascinating stories.


14 Become in love

It is essential to fall in love at least once in one’s life.


15. Lose your love

As falling in love provides strength, falling out of love offers an understanding of life.


16. Investigate our sexuality

Make out with a stranger or kiss someone of the same gender. It’s refreshing.


17. Go on a celebrity date

While this may appear out of bounds, we never know when and how we might strike gold!


18. Try something unexpected.

Whether it’s a vacation or quitting that tedious job, do it if it feels right.


19. Missing a train

Or perhaps a flight. Alternatively, both. Don’t worry about it. It could be the best thing that ever happened to you.


20. Stay in bed for the entire day

And then do nothing. You don’t have to go to the hills to relax.