20 Gen-Z Slang That Every Parent Should Know For Better Communication

Nothing makes parents feel older and embarrassed than listening to their offspring use that flashy slang, and having no heck of an idea what they are talking about? Well, we understand this feeling.

Communicating with Gen-Z could be tricky and surprising at the same time. But fret not, we have an ultimate guide to the top 20 Gen Z slang phrases that would help you understand your kid more. 

1) Cancel Culture

Courtesy: Insider.com

Cancel culture is a form of online shaming to express disappointment in the views or actions of a public figure, company, or organization.

2) E-boy and E-girl

Courtesy: TikTok

E-boys and E-girls use the internet to express themselves and are similar to being semi-emo or goth.

3) Fam

Courtesy: CBS

Fam is used the way our generation may have used “bro.” This term is used for your closest of friends.

4) Glow Up

Courtesy: VOX ATL

Glow up describes a makeover or transformation from bad to good in some way.

5) I’m Baby

Courtesy: Junkee.com

Feeling helpless or not capable in a certain area of your life.

6) Stan

Courtesy: Eminem’s Stan

Stan combines the words “stalker” and “fan.” Stan is an obsessive fan of something but not on a creepy level.

7) Woke

Courtesy: Wiki

Woke refers to political awareness. People who are ‘woke’ are not politically incorrect. They care about having an open mind and things like the earth, Black Lives Matter, and feminism.

8) TFW

Courtesy: Slang.org

TFW is an abbreviation for “that feeling when”.

9) Sip Tea

Courtesy: Yourtango.com

Sip tea is a phrase that is used when you are just sitting back and listening to the gossip as opposed to participating in it.

10) Snack

Courtesy: Spreadshirt

A snack is a term you might use to describe a person that you find attractive.

11) Wig

Courtesy: Twitter

“Wig” is something you can say to express admiration for something.

12) Big Yikes

Courtesy: YouTube

Big yikes takes regular yikes to a new level. 

13) Salty

Courtesy: Yourtango

If you feel salty, it means that you are jealous.

14) Lewk

Courtesy: Redbubble

Lewk is the term for something that is your very own personal signature style. 

15) Dank

Courtesy: Quartz

Dank is slang for something excellent and very high quality.

16) Finna

Courtesy: Pinterest

Finna is short for saying “I am going to.

17) Ghosting

Courtesy: Newcoshift

If you ghost someone, it means you suddenly start ignoring something.

18) Take Several Seats

Courtesy: Memecrunch

Someone is being extremely annoying.

19) Whip

Courtesy: Road & Track

‘Whip’ is another word for car. This is actually a reference to the history of cars when steering wheels were first introduced and called whips.

20) Steez

Courtesy: Dictionary.com

When someone has “steez,” it means they have an effortless style. A true compliment.


Featured Image Source: www.hiseye.org