15 Cute Pictures of Toddlers Doing Things for the First Time

We always do something new at every stage of life. However when toddlers experience something new, it is a whole different feeling for them, for their parents and even for the ones who are not even related to them. Needless to say moments like these are  worth capturing and taking a look at. 

So, in this blog we are sharing pictures of toddlers who were captured embracing new experiences. Smile, laugh, keep scrolling and keep sharing.


1. “My son’s first time seeing snow”

Photo: ActualPieceofP**p / Reddit

2. “First time trying a lemon”

Photo: backtotheburgh / Reddit

3. “My son’s first time on a carousel — I think he enjoyed it a little”

Photo: Napforlife / Reddit

4. “My daughter’s first time holding a kitten! She cried over how cute he was”

Photo: sambodean / Reddit

5. “My son’s first time having sugar”

Photo: clickx / Reddit

6. “My daughter’s first time eating tomatoes”

Photo: sporeprints / Reddit

7. “My daughter’s first time seeing the ocean”

Photo: shigg1975 / Reddit

8. “My son’s first time in the sandbox”

Photo: Jaxonsdaddy / Reddit

9. “My daughter’s first time on a swing”

Photo: farhadJuve / Reddit

10. “First time in a pool!”

Photo: pixelvirus89 / Reddit

11. “My son’s first time eating carrots — I think he could be a meme”

Photo: XaviXavi / Reddit

12. “My baby smiling for the first time”

Photo: mentionedkiss4 / Reddit

13. “My son playing in the rain for the first time”

Photo: Gnar-wahl / Reddit

14. “My newborn baby girl meeting her doggy for the first time”

Photo: CloudCascadee / Reddit

15. “My 2.5-year-old’s feeling of accomplishment after climbing a small ladder for the first time at the toddler gym”

Photo: CrystalKU / Reddit