14 Perfectly-Timed Moments That Were Captured Right Before Tragedy

We often don’t realize what is going to hit up next. If only we had a clairvoyant vision so that we could save ourselves from all the embarrassment and tragedy in our lives. These photos were taken a few seconds before the tragic moments. The photographers of these photos may not have realized what they were shooting because these photos are a pure result of coincidence. The pain and embarrassment in these photos that followed next are 100% real and you can feel it all.

1. The Scary Illusion

This is even scarier than all those filters on Snapchat


2. Hunter in hiding

I hope this lady fled in time from that croc’s attack who is lingering behind the bushes. You missed it too, like her?


3. Bull’s Eye

The guy was trying to catch the ball but it had other plans like hitting his eyes.


4. Beer Shower

I like to think that this was the beginning of a food fight at an office party when the lady in the photo got showered with beer. Lol


5. A Giant Leap

Can you hear those men on the boat uttering ‘Uh-oh’? I’m sure the whale must have had fun.


6. Logged Out

Look at her dazed eyes. Should not her hands be on the steering than on camera clicking a few seconds before she gets logged out? I  hope she got ample time to get out.Logged-Out

7. When it’s too late

If the ‘moment of terror’ had a face, this is what it would look like.


8. Stalker Alert!

The terror in this photo is real. Literally gave me goosebumps!


9. Aqua-razzi!

What she wished had been bouquets was a cup full of water. She must have been rooting for the wrong side, it seems.


10. Splash me not!

These women who seem like they are returning from a beach got hit by a wave of the worst kind – the mud. If it makes you feel any better, girls, mud is good for your skin.


11. Poseidon much?

My life summed up in a photo when a tragedy strikes.


12. Ouch!

The unfortunate skid must have hurt his bums.

tragedy 1

13. Yikes!

This is the worst kind you would want to get hit by a guy. Lol


14. Caught you

It seems like the forest official was playing a game of I-spy with this cheetah without him knowing that.



All images source: yorkfeed.com



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