12 Pics Showing Talent That Could Impress Even Picasso

Art news fails to surprise us as it meets us in many forms ranging from chalk art, watercolor tattoos to hyper-realistic makeup. And whenever we meet such an art, we wonder how proud these artists could have made all those legendary famous artists we have heard of.

In this blog, we have compiled some of the best pieces of art and we’re sure it will be a treat to your eyes. Enjoy and don’t forget to share what you think. The comment section will be waiting for you!

1. “Oil painting on canvas I did in 2019”

Courtesy: marybeth-art / Reddit

2. “This is the largest mural I’ve ever painted.”

Courtesy: mnhaverland / reddit

3. “Thought I’d share my latest painting of the endangered whale shark, ’Resurgam.”‘

Courtesy: sophiestrails / reddit

4. “Worked on this oil painting longer than I should have. But I’m happy with how it turned out.”

Courtesy: felli55 / reddit

5. “I really love how this one turned out!”

Courtesy: Kai-aly / reddit

6. “Get Out graphite drawing by me.”

Courtesy: jamiewarner11 / reddit

7. “Here’s a Joaquin Phoenix Joker portrait I did the other day.”

Courtesy: thetizerchief / reddit

8. “Wanted to share my super talented 11-year-old brother’s art!”

Courtesy: mhill3996 / reddit

9. “My Planet Express chalk drawing!”

Courtesy: TootyMcfruityPoots / reddit

10. “Taking 2-faced to a whole new level.”

TiffanyBlue*** / reddit

11. “I drew myself painting myself painting myself painting myself (oil pastels on canvas).”

Courtesy: seamuswray / reddit

12. “This drawing took me about 16 days and 7 ballpoint pens.”

Courtesy: art_isabela / reddit