12 Movies about Valentine’s Day to Kick in the Romance! 

Valentine’s Day is already peeking at us and we have only a couple of weeks until we step into the most romantic week ever. That said, love is something that should exist throughout the year. Valentine’s Day is only an excuse to celebrate the day (even week for the youth) in a grandeur manner. And why not? We all expect our partners to plan something romantic and meeting these expectations requires getting into the romantic mood. How about some help? 

Start watching one of these movies about Valentine’s Day straight away so we’re sorted on the romance front. 

  1. Valentine’s Day: Let’s get obvious out of the way. Valentine’s day is one of the most relatable movies about Valentine’s Day and it is featured every year since it was released. With a cast that’s large, grand, and famous like no other movie, this movie is one of the best watches to get the romance kick-started.
  2. This Means War- An action-packed romance about two best friends who fall for the same girl. But who does the girl fall for? Well, given that she’s dealing with a break up could lead to a lot of conclusions. If there’s one thing there’s no confusion about in this movie, it’s love!
  3. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen’s stories always depict something special about them and Pride and Prejudice is no different. The line “You have bewitched me body and soul” sticks with us even after the movie meets a loving end!
  4. The Notebook- There’s not one list of romantic movies that don’t include The Notebook in it. The movie, the story, the picturization, it’s all a classic with the typical separations of class divide and war scenarios.
  5. When Harry Met Sally- Despite adaptations in other languages, When Harry Met Sally continues to reign among the most romantic movies ever. Friendship transforms into a relationship that’s so beautiful that it’ll leave you wanting more!
  6. One Day- Anne Hathaway doesn’t fail to bring her off-screen sweetness on-screen. And with Jim Sturgess, it’s just LIT! Here’s a little spoiler- the couple unites with one another every year, but on the same day. If this already got your attention, start streaming.
  7. Blue Valentine- There’s no better way to express Blue Valentine than in three words- romance, romance, and romance! It also sends out the strongest message of love- HOPE!
  8. P.S. I Love You- Okay, we cannot do this to anyone, so here’s something you need to know right from the start. Gather your tissues before you play the movie. You’ll need them, not just because of the events of the story but also because it also demonstrates how love means going beyond all leaps and bounds for the one you love.
  9. The Princess Bride- When romance mixes up with other genres, it’s magic you cannot forget or hope to recreate. This Sci-fi romance is just that, and more! This adventurous true love story is just what you need to kick in the romance.
  10. Failure to Launch- Beautiful landscape alert! Besides the wowness that Sarah Jessica Parker creates in the movie, the story is fresh and different in many ways.
  11. The Proposal- Even though predictable in several places, The Proposal is what it is because of a story that felt new at the time, and of course because of the spectacular Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
  12. Love Actually – Definitely not a one-time watch because you’ll want to see it more than several times. People love it the most because it takes one through the entire life of a relationship that starts with the honeymoon phase. So, expect everything relatable and then smile away with the happy tears!


Don’t forget to share the list with your love so you’re both injected with romance enough to stay prepared for Valentine’s Day.