11 Examples of How Not to Take a Selfie

Most of us believe that the trend of taking a selfie is just a decade old. However the first ever selfie was taken half a millennium ago in 1524, when a 21-year old artist depicted his own reflection using oil on wood. 

Today when taking a selfie has become much easier, certain people are setting an example of how not to take a selfie. 

In this blog we are sharing a compilation of bad selfies. So if you think you take bad selfies, think again! Scroll and enjoy! 

1. “Ah, so you have leaves on eyes instead of cucumber!”

Photo: inja/ imgur

2. Sometimes the sun sets faster than you think

Photo: lecerial/ imgur

3. “How many times would I have to repeat? Take my permission!”

Photo: jdk/ Reddit

4. Then you complain about celebs playin hard to get

Photo: epicduck1234567/ Reddit

5. “Dad! I feel something on my head”

Photo: vinnyty/ Reddit

6. “Hey Grandma! I’m ready whenever you’re!”

Photo: imgur.com

7. “Don’t you point that finger! It’s disrespectful!”

Photo: Reddit

8. That bicep peak though

Photo: gobobo/ imgur

9. “Oh come on honey, not now!”

Photo: Reddit

10. Just a smoking Corolla with a selfie stick

Photo: Selfie Fails/ Facebook