10 Things That Can Make You Happy Instantly

How often do you stop and think about what makes you happy? Things that make you smile and truly bring about a sense of joy? Not often, right? With such a busy schedule and a lot of things that go on in and out of your head, it becomes difficult to breathe and think about yourself. But here we have curated a few things that you can easily do and would definitely make you happy. 

1. Breathe- You are alive so take some breathes and feel the air in your lungs.

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2. Spend time with your loved ones- Spending time with family & friends can lift your spirits and brighten your day up.

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3. Sleep well- Good sleep and rest can lift your mood and make you happy.


4. Help someone today- Helping others makes us feel good about ourselves so, it helps to be able to make someone happy.


5) Smile and exchange hugs- Just smile, a brief smile can turn into a bigger smile. Hug someone or accept a hug from someone else. 

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6) Show gratitude- Be thankful for even small things in your life. Count your blessings, and you will find you have a lot to be happy about.

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7) Listen to Music- Listen to your favorite tunes. Science has proven that music can lift our moods and make us happier.

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8) Workout- Exercising is proven to lift your spirits. It doesn’t have to be a three-hour session of weight lifting. Just get up and move.

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9)Live in the present moment- Your life may not be perfect or what exactly you want it to be yet, but you can decide to find joy and happiness in the current moment. 

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10) Drink water and soak in the sun- Water and sunshine can lift your mood, and your spirits by giving you a new perspective.

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