10 Must Visit Places In Istanbul

Istanbul is regarded as one of the world’s great cities. There are numerous reasons why you should go to this city. Istanbul is a thousand-year-old city with many historical sites to visit. You can quickly fill five days in Istanbul, but more time is preferable.

The best things to do in Istanbul are 

1. The Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia | History, Architecture, Mosaics, Facts, & Significance | Britannica

This cathedral was built in 537, an ad for 900 years, and served as Constantinople’s orthodox patriarch seat. It will remain open as a museum until July 2020. It is now a mosque.


2. The Blue Mosque 

Amazing Facts About The Blue Mosque In Turkey | CityBook.Pk

Cross Sultanahmet Square to reach the Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque, built in 1616, is famous for the entry gate blue ceramic tile that encloses the tower’s interiors.


3. The Grand Bazaar

A journey through Istanbul's Grand Bazaar - RTF | Rethinking The Future

For us, one of the highlights of Istanbul was shopping in the Grand Bazaar. Usually, shopping can be a drag for kids. But not in the Grand Bazaar.


4. The Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern - History and Facts | History Hit

Decent underground Istanbul to one of the city’s ancient reservoirs. The Basilica cistern is dark Chile and mysterious.


5. The Chora Church 

Kariye Museum (Chora Church) | Istanbul, Turkey | Sights - Lonely Planet

The Chora Church is a Greek Orthodox Church famous for its frescoes and mosaics. Is mosaics portray the life of Jesus Christ?


6. The Galat Tower

Galata Tower to be converted into museum | Daily Sabah

The Galata Tower was built in the mid-14th century and was used as a fire Tower barracks and Dungeon full stop from the top of the tower, you get one of the best views of Istanbul.


7. Topkapi Palace 

Topkapi Palace Museum | History, Layout, Collections, & Facts | Britannica

The Topkapi place was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire. This place was used for 400 years until Dolmabahce Palace was constructed mid-1800.


8. Mosque of Suleyman, the Magnificent 

Süleymaniye Mosque - Istanbul Tour Studio – Istanbul Guide

This Mosque gets what for the most beautiful Mosque in Istanbul. It was renovated in 2010, which accounts for its farcing interior.


9. Eminonu Square 

File:Eminönü-?stanbul. - panoramio.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Eminonu is a bustling, slightly chaotic spot in Istanbul. This Harbour area it’s on the golden horn famous waterway that runs throughout the city full stop. It is Istanbul in action a high of the activity or daily long.


10. Galata Bridge

Take a walk along the Galata Bridge in Istanbul - Rusty Travel Trunk

The braidspans the golden horn joining the older sections of Istanbul with the more modern neighborhoods. A Walk across this Bridge is a must while in Istanbul.